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Welcome to the Extraction and Processing Division (EPD)!

We members share our knowledge of extracting metals in a sustainable manner and using materials characterization, process analysis, and modeling to improve. We work to save energy, to recycle our output materials, and to use recycled materials as input. We may not be saving the whole world, but we are helping to improve our part of it! 

This is all done through volunteers. We need you to write papers and to present your work. Volunteers serving on our technical committees work behind the scenes to organize symposia and poster sessions. We edit publications such as journals and proceedings. Some of us provide training in workshops and webinars. Volunteers help to select the best for society and division awards. All of our technical committees are open to new volunteers, and we welcome your help. 

Choose the committee(s) that best fit your field of interest. Attend a committee meeting and/or contact the chair to see how you can get involved. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.

Cindy Belt, EPD Chair, 2017-2020

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