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Identification, Development and Commercialization of Recycle

Identification, Development and Commercialization of Recycle-Friendly Aluminum Alloys
Subodh Das, presenter

This webcast is a recording of the presentation given on March 10, 2008 at the TMS 2008 Annual Meeting & Exhibition as part of the Sloan Industry Centers Forum: Techno-Management Issues Related to Materials-Centric Industries.

The following is an abstract of the presentation:

Today's commercial aluminum alloys have largely been designed for production from primary aluminum with pure alloying elements added. However, the changing aluminum supply situation, in which the US has become primarily a fabricator of aluminum products comprising imported primary aluminum and domestically recycled secondary aluminum, means that new, recycle-friendly aluminum alloys must be identified, developed and commercialized to sustain the industry's economic and environmental strengths. In addition to suggesting several recycling friendly compositions, this paper examines the issues associated with rapid commercialization of aluminum alloys, and suggests several strategies and paths forward that may expedite early adoption. Furthermore, this paper also discusses several mathematical modeling techniques and methodologies, such as chance constraint modeling, that can be used to refine the composition of starting and finished products to maximize benefits over the entire supply chain.

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Publisher: TMS
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Duration: 19 minutes
Date Published: April 28, 2008


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