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2000 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

March 12-16 · 2000 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Nashville, Tennessee


  Booth #242

Pratteln, Switzerland

Kvaerner LogoWe lead the world to supply state-of-the-art technology and equipment for the production of carbon pastes used to manufacture anodes that are consumed in primary aluminium smelting.

Our well proven technology, based on our proprietary Buss Kneader mixing and extrusion equipment, produces highly homogeneous anode paste from a wide variety of pitch and coke feedstock.

Our fully continuous process provides production capacities of up to 50 tonne/h in single units. Our process guarantees uniform and dependable high-grade paste quality as a result of the application of intensive and accurately controlled shear forces during mixing. This is of the greatest importance for trouble free anode production, especially with today's high amperage smelting praxis and assists in the smooth operation of the pot rooms.

We offer the world's aluminium industry a service, which is unsurpassed with over 150 such systems in operation worldwide. Close collaboration with our international clientele and engineering partners, together with our excellent reputation provide a sound commercial basis for the supply of comprehensive engineering and plant installation services to all primary aluminium producers and other manufacturers of carbon anodes.

Besides the Buss Kneader equipment we manufacture and supply also continuous pitch melting plants and process technologies and proprietary equipment for the manufacturing of hydrofluoric acid and aluminium fluoride.

Our services are available worldwide and include:


Otto Waelty
Tel: +41 / 61 8256 479
Fax: +41 / 61 8256 770

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