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2000 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

March 12-16 · 2000 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Nashville, Tennessee


  Booth #715 (4 sp)

Naperville, Illinois

The Nalco proactive approach to the primary metals industry includes products, programs and services that improve the operating efficiency and productivity of mills and facilities around the world. These programs include treatment of influent water, waste water, boiler water and cooling water. Cooling water programs provide exceptional results as well as enhance the quenchability of the water, which may impact production. To help ensure environmental compliance, programs for waste treatment, recycling and water reuse are available to effectively handle the waste water/effluent process. These programs are used in conjunction with a full line of automated real-time control and monitoring equipment. Nalco can also assist in outsourcing efforts, by developing and implementing a plan for water and waste water needs.

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