2003 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: 132nd TMS Dinner & Awards Presentation With Installation of 2003 TMS President

March 2–6 · 2003 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Diego, California


John E. Allison
Dan J. Thoma

John E. Allison
2002 TMS President

Dan J. Thoma
2003 TMS President

The Annual TMS Dinner and Awards Presentations will be held at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina. The highlight of the TMS Annual Meeting will begin with a cash bar reception at 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm. A presentation and recognition of the Society and Technical Division award recipients will be followed by the annual address to the Society by 2002 President John E. Allison, who will then introduce Dan J. Thoma, the 2003 President.

Dr. Dan J. Thoma received his BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. During that time, he worked at NASA-Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. He continued his education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received his MS and PhD in Metallurgical Engineering. Dr. Thoma has been employed at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 1992, where he is currently the team leader and project leader for Alloy Design and Development within the Metallurgy Group in the Materials Science and Technology Division.

Dr. Thoma takes part in several professional society activities. He is a current member of TMS, ASM, MRS, and ACerS. Within in TMS he has served on the Board of Directors as Programming Director. In addition, he is the past Chair of the Solidification Committee and serves on the Powder Materials Committee and the Nuclear Materials Committee. He has also served on the Education Committee and MPMD Council.

Banquet tickets are $60 and may be purchased at the TMS Conference Registration Desk. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.


Fellow Class of 2003
Didier DeFontaine, University of California
George Krauss, Colorado School of Mines
Hans Conrad, North Carolina State University
William L. Johnson, California Institute of Technology
Robert H. Wagoner, The Ohio State University

Application to Practice Award
James C. Williams, The Ohio State University

John Bardeen Award
Gerald B. Stringfellow, University of Utah

Educator Award
Robert A. Rapp, The Ohio State University

Bruce Chalmers Award
Kenneth A. Jackson, University of Arizon

Robert Lansing Hardy Award
John Ballato, Clemson University

Institute of Metals Lecturer & Robert F. Mehl Medalist
Colin Humphreys, University of Cambridge

Champion H. Mathewson Award
Fabrice Patisson, Ecole des Mines
Etienne Lebas, Institute Francais du Petrole
Francois Hanrot, IRSID
Denis Ablitzer, Ecole des Mines
Jean-Léon Houzelot, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Industries Chimiques

Acta Materialia Gold Medal Award
2003 Gareth Thomas, University of California at Berkeley


Aluminum Distinguished Service Award
Wayne Hale, Kennecott Minerals Co

Extractive Processing Lecturer
Kenneth N. Han, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Extractive Processing Science Award
Tamas Kekesi, University of Miskolc
Masahito Uchikoshi, Fine Metals Corp.
Kouji Mimura, Tohoku University
Minoru Isshiki, Tohoku University

Extractive Processing Technology Award
Stephen C. Britten, Mars and Company
Uday B. Pal, Boston University

Light Metals Technical Service Award
Halvor Kvande, Hydro Aluminium Metal Products

Light Metals Award
Marc Bertherat, Aluminum Dunkerque
Thierry Odievre, Pechiney Research Center
Michel Allibert, Centre Nationale De La Research Science
Pierre LeBrun, Pechiney Grp

Structural Materials Distinguished Science/Engineer Award
Marc A. Meyers, University of California, San Diego




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