2004 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Concurrent Proceeding Volumes

March 14–18 · 2004 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Charlotte, North Carolina



Be sure to stop by the TMS Publications Sales booth in the East Prefunction Area of the Charlotte Convention Center. Examine and select from more than 150 proceeding volumes, textbooks, monographs, and CD-ROMS. Many selections are at reduced prices. Information on nearly all areas of minerals, metals, and materials technology are available during the following days and times:

Sunday, March 14
Monday, March 15
Tuesday, March 16
Wednesday, March 17
Thursday, March 18

NOTE: All attendees who pre-ordered concurrent proceedings volumes via the advance registration form have received a ticket in their registration packet that should be presented at the TMS Publication Sales booth in the convention center. All preordered books must be picked up at the meeting unless advance arrangements for shipment have been made and the appropriate shipping fee is paid.

The following titles will be available at the Meeting. All proceedings are concurrent with the meeting. Books purchased via the TMS Annual Meeting Registration form must be obtained at the meeting. Those not obtaining their ordered books will be required to pay the shipping and handling fees for their order.

Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion II
Dhanesh Chandra, Renato G. Bautista, and Louis Schlapbach, editors

This volume explores research related to energy conversion devices and related fundamental mechanisms, particularly in the field of fuel cell research, hydrogen storage, and superconductors. With an emphasis on fundamentals and applications of materials science and engineering related to energy conversion, this volume focuses on recent advances made in the general field of conversion, storage, and transmission of energy. Fuel cells, hydrogen and tritium storage, batteries, superconductors, magnets, membrane materials, thermal energy storage materials, photovoltaics, and related topics are discussed.

ISBN 0-87339-574-3
Approx. 560 pp., illus., index, softcover
Order No. 04-5743
Member price: $112.00
List Price: $160.00

Advances in Superplasticity and Superplastic Forming
Eric M. Taleff, Paul E. Krajewski, and Peter A. Friedman, editors

This publication addresses the various advances in materials and process technologies required for superplastic forming to enter mass production environments such as the automotive industry, where fast cycle time is a key requirement. The proceedings focus on the forming of light alloys at more rapid rates and lower temperatures. Results of advanced R&D efforts from both industrial and university laboratories are presented. Scientists and engineers employed at automotive and aerospace manufacturing companies, as well as researchers based at universities, will find this volume particularly useful.

ISBN 0-87339-564-6
Approx. 436 pp., illus., index, softcover
Order No. 04-5646
Member price: $115 .00
List Price: $164.00

Cost-Affordable Titanium
F.H. (Sam) Froes, M. Ashraf Imam, and Derek Fray, editors

Titanium and titanium alloys are used in many demanding applications in aerospace and terrestrial systems because of their excellent combination of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. However, high costs resulting from an energy-intensive extraction process and complex fabrication sequence excludes titanium alloys from many applications. This proceedings volume will address all aspects of potential cost reduction of titanium alloys, covering such segments of titanium technology as extraction, creative melting including cold-hearth approaches, near-net-shape techniques, processing and fabrication advances, high-speed machining and knowledge-based processing with emphasis on computer-aided approaches, improved process control, and creative designs. This volume will be of widespread interest to materials scientists and engineers working in the aerospace, automobile, chemical processing, medical, and consumer industries.

ISBN 0-87339-560-3
Approx. 300 pp., illus., index, softcover
Order No. 04-5603
Member price: $113.00
List Price: $141.00

Multiphase Phenomena and CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processes
L. Nastac and B. Li, editors

This volume contains proceedings dealing with the topics of multiphase phenomena in materials processing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation of engineering processes. This collection gathers papers from researchers and engineers involved in the modeling of multiscale and multiphase phenomena in material processing systems. Papers address gas-particle flows, liquid-liquid phase flows, bubbly driven flows, granular flows, liquid-solid flows, multiphase flows in external fields, multiscale heat and mass transfer, and microstructure formation in these multiphase systems. Papers also focus on the CFD modeling and simulation of various engineering processes, such as metal processes including casting, forging, welding, heat treating, and VAR/ESR/PAM/EBM remelting processes; coatings including PVD, CVD, and plasma-assisted EBM-PVD technologies; and other surface engineering processes including induction, laser, and EB thermal processing. The CFD modeling and simulation proceedings discuss applications of CFD to engineering processes and demonstrate how CFD could help scientists and engineers to better understand the fundamentals of engineering processes.

ISBN 0-87339-570-0
Approx. 760 pp., illus., softcover
Order No. 04-5700
Member price: $132 .00
List Price: $189 .00

EPD Congress 2004
Mark Schlesinger, editor

The Extraction & Processing Division Congress, held at the TMS Annual Meeting each year, has become the definitive annual forum for new technological developments in the process metallurgy community. Each volume contains general abstracts and covers materials processing fundamentals and general recycling of materials. EPD Congress 2004 also includes papers from sessions on general pyrometallurgy and solid and aqueous wastes from non-ferrous metal industries.

ISBN 0-87339-565-4
Approx. 1,020 pp., CD-ROM
Order No. 04-5654
Member price: $71.00
List Price: $101.00

Laterite Nickel Symposium 2004
D.M. Lane and W.P. Imrie, editors

This book includes both updates of certain projects and developments discussed at the 1979 International Laterite Symposium, as well as happenings in the interim period dealing with such topics as geology; mineralogy; mining; fundamentals/R&D; emerging technologies; pyrometallurgy—designs, projects, start-ups, and operations; and hydrometallurgy—designs, projects, start-ups, and operations.

ISBN 0-87339-550-6
Approx. 1,144 pp., illus., index, hardcover
Order No. 04-5506
Member price: $119.00
List Price: $170.00

Light Metals 2004
A.T. Tabereaux, editor

Held at the TMS Annual Meeting each year, the Light Metals series has become the definitive annual reference source in the field of aluminum production and related light metals technologies. Each volume contains complete coverage of advancements and current work in cast shop technology, alumina and bauxite, carbon technology, aluminum reduction technology, and recycling. Light Metals 2004 also includes papers from symposia on reactive metals and recent advances in nonferrous metals processing.

ISBN 0-87339-567-0
Approx. 1,150 pp., illus., hardcover & CD-ROM
Order No. 04-5670
Member price: $150.00
List Price: $225.00

Magnesium Technology 2004
Alan A. Luo, editor

The newest edition in the popular TMS Magnesium Technology series, Magnesium Technology 2004 includes papers on primary production and market; recycling and environmental issues; alloy development; phase transformations; manufacturing processes; mechanical and physical properties; cast and wrought alloys; welding and joining; and applications and research programs related to magnesium technology. As with previous editions, this volume provides valuable insights to materials scientists and engineers working in the automotive, magnesium, and steel industries; in government laboratories; and in universities.

ISBN 0-87339-568-9
Approx. 436 pp., illus., hardcover & CD-ROM
Order No. 04-5689
Member price: $101.00
List Price: $144.00

Solidification of Aluminum Alloys
Men G. Chu, Douglas A. Granger, and Qingyou Han, editors

This volume addresses progress in the application of solidification principles to the production of aluminum alloys. Topics include microstructure evolution, phase formation and solidification path analysis, grain refinement, micro/macro-segregation, mechanical behavior/properties in the mushy state, solidification cracking/tearing, gas/shrinkage porosity formation, effect of impurities/trace elements, and the impact of cast structure on the subsequent fabrication and properties of finished products. Papers on the experimental or theoretical simulation of solidification aspects of casting processes including direct chill casting, continuous casting, shaped casting, semi-solid processing, and other advanced casting technologies are also included, as well as examples showing the use of solidification principles to solve industrial problems.

ISBN 0-87339-569-7
Approx. 440 pp., illus., softcover
Order No. 04-5697
Member price: $118.00
List Price: $168.00

Solidification Processes and Microstructures: A Symposium in Honor of Prof. W. Kurz
M. Rappaz, C. Beckermann, and R. Trivedi, editors

This book contains papers on topics that range from experimental and theoretical investigations of microstructural aspects to processes such as continuous casting of steel and aluminum, directional solidification, single-crystal growth, laser-surface treatment, laser welding, and laser-metal forming. A valuable reference that reports the state-of-the-art in the field of solidification, this book will appeal to both engineers in solidification research and those in the metal-casting industry.

ISBN 0-87339-572-7
Approx. 432 pp., softcover
Order No. 04-5727
Member price: $112.00
List Price: $159.00

The Fifth Global Innovations Symposium on Materials Processing and Manufacturing: Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials and Trends in LIGA, Miniaturization, and Nanoscale Materials
Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay, John Smugeresky, Sudipta Seal, Narendra B. Dahotre, and Arvind Agarwal, editors

This volume combines the proceedings of two prominent symposia presented by TMS’s Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division (MPMD).

Papers from the Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials Symposium bring together experts working on different aspects of study, such as fabrication, characterization, modification, and modeling, to identify and address important issues, such as structure-chemistry-property relationships; surface engineering approaches in the nanoscale regime; chemistry and atomic bonding at interfaces; kinetics, diffusion paths, and related effects at interfaces; fabrication of “bulk” nanostructures; and advances in interfacial modification/engineering techniques.

Proceedings from the Global Innovations Symposium on Materials Processing and Manufacturing: Trends in LIGA, Miniaturization, and Nanoscale Materials, the fifth in a series sponsored by the MPMD, provide description, insight, challenges, and projections for advances in miniaturized part manufacturing, evaluation, and applications. This collection provides a visionary look to where investments in materials research are likely to occur and what areas in materials R&D are ripe for discoveries that will have major impact on quality of life.

ISBN 0-87339-566-2
Approx. 720 pp., illus., softcover
Order No. 04-5662
Member price: $118.00
List Price: $168.00

Ultrafine Grained Materials III
Yuntian Theodore Zhu, Terence G. Langdon, and Ruslan Z. Valiev, editors

These proceedings focus on all aspects of the science and technology of ultrafine-grained materials produced by Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) techniques. Topics include SPD processing and SPD-processed materials, processing and microstructures, microstructural evolution, mechanical and physical properties, superplasticity, computational and analytical modeling, new SPD technologies and advances, structural applications, etc. This book will be a useful reference for scientists, engineers, postdocs, and students working with nanostructured materials.

ISBN 0-87339-571-9
Approx. 824 pp., illus., index, softcover
Order No. 04-5719
Member price: $124.00
List Price: $177.00


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