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TMS 2009: Green Vendors and our Host City
February 15-19, 2009 • San Francisco, California

The Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco Marriott (TMS headquarters hotel), Freeman (TMS Exhibition Management Firm), Experient (TMS Meeting Services Firm) and the city of San Francisco have long been committed to operating in an environmentally friendly fashion.


The Moscone West Convention Center
 … is celebrating 10 years of recycling!

  • Moscone’s recycling program targets many materials, including foam core signage, vinyl banners, cardboard, broken wooden pallets and scrap metal.
  • The center’s composting program captures all organic material from food service operations, including concessions and catering locations in the building.
  • A photovoltaic system, which includes a solar system and an exhibit hall lighting system retrofit, displace 1,933 tons of carbon dioxide a year. [MORE]

San Francisco Marriott
 … is committed to the environment with an award-winning recycling and environmental program.

  • The hotel donates more than 30,000 pounds of food leftovers annually to local nonprofit organizations.
  • More than 750,000 bottles and cans are recycled annually, saving enough energy to power the lights in the hotel for one month.
  • The cleaning staff uses concentrated refillable pump-spray containers, eliminating the use of 20,000 spray aerosol cans annually.[MORE]

 … is committed to seeking ways to produce more environmentally friendly events.

  • During the past three years, Freeman has been successful in reducing the production of printed exhibitor service manuals in half, eliminating an estimated 24 million sheets of paper through the alternative use of electronic service manuals.
  • Freeman has created a unique manufacturing partnership resulting in the recycling of more than 40 million square feet of used exhibit aisle carpet in two years.
  • Freeman uses table-top plastic that contains 20- to 40-percent recycled content.[MORE]

 … is committed to environmental stewardship and implementing sustainable practices. The company has recommended minimum greening guidelines at all Experient offices. Corporate managed practices include:

  • Purchasing office equipment with the “Energy Star” label as they use less electricity
  • Recycling computer equipment
  • Periodically auditing green practices at office locations [MORE]

The City of San Francisco
From hybrid taxis and solar power to rainwater harvesting, San Francisco is a “clean” and shining example of a city that takes environmental responsibility seriously.

  • San Francisco is the first U.S. city to ban plastic shopping bags.
  • San Francisco has the largest city-owned solar installation in the country (atop the Moscone Center!).
  • San Francisco has a 70 percent recycling rate.[MORE]


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