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1997 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 9-13 · 1997 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Orlando, Florida


Booth #327     Fjellhamar, Norway

Höganäs Eldfast AS is part of the Höganäs Eldfast group of companies originating in Sweden and dating back to the 19th century. We supply "complete packages" of refractories and acid resistant material, from design to products, contracting and service.

Our fast, easy to install pot barriers, layer-and-sidewall refractories. BJUFS, DENSCAST 50, and ladle castable ALKON have been very popular in the aluminium industry for many years.

Now, at last, we can meet demands to reduce pollution and harmful dust in the production environment and, at the same time cut installation costs with our unique new product called Drycast. Drycast is a ready-to-use vibratable mix for electrolytic pot lining. It flows easily into all corners, forming an even smooth surface of high penetration-and slag resistance and minimal porosity in less than 30 minutes.

If you are looking for better working environment, improved economy and productivity and no dust! Welcome to Höganäs Eldfast AS, Booth #327.

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