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1997 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 9-13 · 1997 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Orlando, Florida


Booth #627, 629, 726 & 728      Carouge, Switzerland

In twenty years of research, the MOLTECH Group has developed products and processes for aluminum electrowinning, including TINOR® Aluminum-wettable Protective Cathode Coating, OPANOR® Anode Oxidation Protection, and EXCELNOR® Side Wall Oxidation Protection, which have been tested extensively in laboratories and commercial cells and are now available for commercial use.

The ultimate goal for MOLTECH research is the development of the NOVANOR® non-carbon non-consumable anode to replace carbon anodes, thereby reducing pollution in their fabrication and use, and in residue disposal. NOVANOR® anode laboratory test results are very promising and pilot scale tests are now in process. The TINOR® application system and the OPANOR® system are available for the automatic application of the products.

MOLTECH invites everyone to visit its booths at the 1997 TMS Annual Meeting, which will feature an OPANOR® System.

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