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1998 TMS Annual Meeting: TMS Dinner and Awards

February 15-19 · 1998 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Antonio, Texas

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The 1998 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, February 15-19, 1998.

The Annual TMS Dinner and Awards Presentations is a highlight of the 1998 TMS Annual Meeting. It will be held Tuesday February 17, beginning with cocktails at 6:00 p.m. A presentation and recognition of the society and technical division award recipients will be followed by the annual address to the society by 1997 President Robert H. Wagoner, who will then introduce Euel R. Cutshall, the 1998 president. Tickets may be purchased either in advance through the on-line registration form or at the meeting registration desk.

Fellow Class of 1998
Richard J. Arsenault, University of Maryland
Ye T. Chou, Lehigh University
Siegfried S. Hecker, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ryoichi Kikuchi, University of California, Berkeley
James C. Williams, G.E. Aircraft Engines
Application to Practice Award
Francois M. d'Heurle, IBM, Thomas J. Watson Research Center
John Bardeen Award
Subhash Mahajan, Arizona State University
Bruce Chalmers Award
Robert F. Sekerka, Carnegie Mellon University
Distinguished Service Award
Fiona M. Doyle, University of California, Berkeley
Garry W. Warren, University of Alabama
Educator Award
Reza Abbaschian, University of Florida
Extraction & Processing Distinguished Lecture Award
Michael J. Nicol, Murdoch University
Extraction & Processing Science Award
Mark D. Pritzker, University of Waterloo
Extraction & Processing Technology Award
Fady Michel Najjar, University of Illinois, NCSA
Brian G.Thomas, University of Illinois
Donald E. Hershey, Procter and Gamble Company
Robert M. McDavid, Automated Analysis Corporation
Robert Lansing Hardy Award
Stuart A. Maloy, Los Alamos National Laboratory
William Hume-Rothery Award
Ryoichi Kikuchi, University of California, Berkeley
Institute of Metals Lecturer & Robert F. Mehl Medalist
Paul G. Shewmon, Ohio State University
LMD JOM Best Paper Award
H.S. Kenchington, U.S. Department of Energy
J.L. Eisenhauer, Energetics
J.A.S. Green, Aluminum Association
Leadership Award
Gordon H. Geiger, Qualitech Steel Corporation
Light Metals Award
Jean-Pierre Martin, Alcan International Limited
Torstein Utigard, University of Toronto
Claude Dupuis, Alcan International Limited
Karla Friesen, Scepter
Champion H. Mathewson Award
Charles Vivés, University of Avignon
Structural Materials Distinguished Service Award
Francis H. Froes, University of Idaho

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