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1999 TMS Annual Meeting: Extraction & Processing Division Luncheon

February 28-March 4 · 1999 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Diego, California

1999 TMS Annual Meeting Logo
During the week of February 28-March 4, 1999, the 128th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) will be held in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center.

Tickets for this luncheon are $30.00 and should be purchased in advance using the on-line meeting registration form. Lunch begins at 12:00 noon, followed by a 40 minute tutorial lecture beginning at 12:20 p.m. There will be no charge for those attending the lecture who do not wish to purchase the lunch.

"The Extraction, Refining, Processing, and Recycling of Lead and Lead Alloys for Batteries and Electrowinning Anodes"

Presenter: R. David Prengaman
When: Tuesday, March 2, 12:00 Noon
Location: Marina Ballroom E & F, San Diego Marriott Hotel

About the Topic: The talk will provide an overview of the refining and processing of lead and lead alloys for batteries and electrowinning anodes. The talk will describe selected lead specifications for lead acid battery materials and the refining and alloying procedures required to produce these materials particularly from recycled lead. The paper will also describe how some of the alloy developments from batteries had led to a dramatic change in the composition and processing of anodes for copper, zinc, and other metal electrowinning processes.

About Mr. Prengaman: Mr. Prengaman began his industrial research and development career with St. Joe Lead Company in 1965, progressing from product metallurgist to hard-lead product development. His principal technical research activities involved development of new lead battery materials which led to the development of maintenance-free batteries.

From 1973 to 1975 Mr. Prengaman worked for Taracorp as Technical Director and Operations Manager of the Metal Process and Fabrication Division related to lead recycling and fabricated lead products. In 1975, Mr. Prengaman joined RSR Corporation to start up an R&D activity to support the activities of RSR's lead-acid battery recycling operations. His research was aimed at development of lead alloys for batteries and electrowinning anodes as well as improved methods to smelt and refine secondary lead. In 1996, Mr. Prengaman was named President of RSR Technologies, Inc. which provides research and development services to RSR Corporation, the European Eco-Bat Group, and their customers for battery recycling.

Mr. Prengaman has published extensively on the above subjects and has served in various positions in TMS, The Electrochemical Society, Battery Council International, and American Society for Testing and Materials. He currently serves as Technical Chairman of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), a consortium of virtually all the battery producers and lead producers throughout the world to build improved lead acid batteries for electric vehicles.

Mr. Prengaman has received the Hoffman Memorial Prize for his work in lead alloys for maintenance-free batteries, the Distinguished Service Award from the American Society for Metals, and the Alpha/Beta Society Award from the battery industry for his work on premature capacity loss in batteries. Mr. Prengaman has served as chairman of the Lead-Zinc-Tin Committee of TMS in 1980-82, 1988-90, and 1995. He has served on the EPD Council as well as membership, long range planning committees. He also served as co-editor of the Lead-Zinc '90 proceedings volume.

In 1980 Mr. Prengaman served as chairman of the North Texas Chapter of the American Society for Metals and served as chairman of the Pb-Zn-Antimony and Their Alloys subcommittee of American Society for Testing and Materials from 1980-1997.

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