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Environmental Degradation 2011 Conference: Meeting Registration
August 7-11, 2011 * Cheyenne Mountain Resort * Colorado Springs, Colorado

Environmental Degradation 2011 conference attendees, including authors, presenters, and session chairs, are required to register and badges must be worn to gain access to the technical sessions and social functions.


Your registration package includes:

  • Admission to all technical sessions
  • Refreshment and coffee breaks
  • Single copy of conference proceedings
  • All networking and social events

How to Register
Register onsite by visiting the registration desk.

Registration Fees
Member* . . . . . . . . $725
Non-member . . . . . . . $825
Student** . . . . . . . $325

*The reduced member fee is available to call current members of TMS, NACE International of the American Nuclear Society (ANS).
**Nonmember students must attach a copy of their current school identification card. Please fax this information along with the registration form.


Audio/Video Recording Policy
TMS reserves the right to any audio and video reproduction of all presentations at every TMS-sponsored meeting. Recording of sessions (audio, video, still-photography, etc...) intended for personal use, distribution, publication, or copyright without express written consent of TMS and the individual authors is strictly prohibited. Contact the TMS Technical Programming Department to obtain a copy of the waiver release form.

Americans With Disabilities Act
TMS strongly supports the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination against, and promotes public accessibility for, those with disabilities. In support of, and in compliance with ADA, we ask those requiring specific equipment or services to contact TMS Meeting Services in advance.

Photography Notice
By registering for the conference, all attendees acknowledge that they may be photographed by TMS personnel while at events, and that those photos may be used for promotional purposes.


For more information about this meeting, please complete the meeting inquiry form or contact:

TMS Meeting Services
184 Thorn Hill Road
Warrendale, PA 15086-7514 USA
Telephone (724) 776-9000, ext. 243
(800) 759-4TMS
Fax: (724) 776-3770