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ISSI-2: Thursday's Contributed Presentations

September 21-25, 1997 · Champion, Pennsylvania

ISSI-2 Logo The 2nd International Symposium on Structural Intermetallics (ISSI-2), sponsored by the High Temperature Alloys and Titanium Committees of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's (TMS's) Structural Materials Division will be held at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania, Sunday, September 21, through Thursday, September 25, 1997. The following presentations represent the contributed papers that will be held during Thursday morning's TiAl: Properties and Applications session. These presentations will be complemented by a collection of invited papers. See the calendar of events for more information.


Effects of Alloying and Microstructure on the Fatigue and Fracture of Gamma-Based Titanium Alumindes
Soboyejo, Mercer, Ni, and Soboyejo

Production of Titanium Aluminide Valves for Automotive Engines by Reactive Sintering
Gente, Schneider, Jewett, Segtrop, and Dahms

Thermal and Creep Behaviour of a Cast gamma-TiAl based Alloy for Gas Turbine Applications
Lundström, Karlsson, and Gustavsson

Fatigue Crack Propagation in Titanium and Iron Aluminides
Mabru, Henaff, Petit, Bowen, and Tonneau

Tensile and Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of the gamma-Based Alloy Ti-48Al-2W-0.5Si at Temperatures up to 800°C
Recina and Karlsson

Application of Cast Gamma Alloys as Turbine Wheels of Turbochargers for Passenger Cars
Tetsui and Kyoya

Fatigue Crack Growth in TiAl Intermetallics with Equiaxed, Duplex and Lamellar Microstructures at Elevated Temperatures
Mutoh, Kurai, Hansson, Moriya, Zhu, and Mizuhara

An Approach to Ductility Improvement of TiAl and Ti3Al Titanium Aluminides Based on Microstructure Control
Imayev, Salishchev, Imayev, Shagiev, Gabdullin, and Kuznetsov

Fracture and Fatigue in gamma-TiAl Based Intermetallic Alloys: Effect of Temperature in a Fine Lamellar Microstructure
McKelvey, Campbell, Rao, and Ritchie

High Temperature Mechanical Properties Evaluation of a gamma-TiAl Base Industrially Developed Intermetallic Alloy
Lupinc, Marchionni, Onofrio, Nazmy, Staubli, Remy, and Yin

The Influence of Alloy Composition on the Creep Behaviour of TiAl-based Alloys Containing Ru and C Additions
Shelton and Loretto

Evidence of Localised Cyclic Plastic Deformation in a Fatigued P/M gamma-TiAl Alloy
Huang and Bowen

A Case Study: Manufacturing-Performance-Cost Relationships in Gamma TiAl Castings
McQuay and Larsen

Designing Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloys
Kim and Dimiduk

Micromechanics of Fracture and Fatigue Behavior in Brittle Intermetallics
Kad and Asaro

Alloying Effects and Deformation Processes in Duplex gamma-TiAl Alloys
Forwood, Gibson, Miller, Rossouw, and Morton

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