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About the 1996 International Symposium on Extraction and Processing for the Treatment and Minimization of Wastes: Treatment of Wastes Containing Arsenic, Selenium and Mercury I

October 27-30, 1996 · Phoenix, Arizona

Tuesday, AM
Room: Pueblo/Sonora
October 29, 1996

Session Chairs: Dr. Jim Hendrix, Dean, College of Eng. & Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, N181 Nebraska Hall, PO Box 880501, Lincoln, NE 68588-0501; Co-Chair: Z.R. Llanos, Gulf Chem & Met Corp, 302 Midway Road, P.O. Box 2290, Freeport, TX 77541

9:00 am

Removal of Arsenic from Effluents - A Comparison Between the FeSO4/air and FeSO4/H2O2 Systems: Luiz A. Teixeira, H. M. Kohler, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Material Science and Metallurgy, CP 38008, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22453-900, Brazil and A. G. Monteiro, BHP Minerals, 204 Edison Way, Reno, NV 89502

9:25 am

Elimination of Selenium in Effluent from Precious Metals Refinery: Shigehiko Iwahori, Naoshima Smelter, 4049-1, Naoshima-Cho, Kagawa-Gun, Kawaga 761-31, Japan

9:50 am

Stabilization (Precipitation) of Mercury from Precious Metals Extraction Wastes Utilizing Trimercaptotriazine: L. Solujic, E. B. Milosavijevic, J. L. Hendrix, Dept. of Chemical Eng., Beadle Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588-0668, M. R. Van Dyke, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557

10:15 am BREAK

10:30 am

Removal of Metallic Mercury from Contaminated Tailing by Flotation Process: Marisa B.M. Monte, Fernando A.F. Lins, A. Middea, Laboratory for Surface Chemistry, Dept. of Mineral Dressing, CETEM-Centre for Mineral Technology, Fua Quatro, Quadra D, IIha do Fundao, Rio de Janeiro, R.J, 21941-590, Brazil

10:55 am

Check on level of environmental contamination by mercury and cleanup of Abetina Mining Area: G. Belardi, A.M. Marabini, B. Passariello, P.Plescia, S. Quaresima, Institute for Mineral Treatment, Via Bolognola &, 00138 Rome Italy, P.G. Beer and D. Mencarelli, ECOTEC s.r.l. Constultant, via Lima 3, 99198 Rome, Italy and C. Chessa, Legal Medicine Institute, Toxicology Lab, "Tora Vergata" University, 00100 Rome, Italy.

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