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About the 1996 International Symposium on Extraction and Processing for the Treatment and Minimization of Wastes

October 27-30, 1996 · Phoenix, Arizona

Water Discharge from Waste Treatment: Issues and Solutions

Tuesday, AM
Room: Kachina
October 29, 1996

Session Chairs: John E. Litz, Vice President, Colorado Minerals Research Institute, 5906 McIntyre Street, Golden, CO 80403; Co-Chair: Dr. C. Lupi, Dept. of ICMM, PM, Universita delgi Studi, "La Sapienza" via Eudossiana, 18, Roma 00184, Italy

9:00 am

Zero Liquid Discharge: Industrial Waste Treatment: Case Studies from 1976 to 1996: Rodi Ludlum, Joe Bostjancic, Ionics RCC, 3006 Northrup Way, Bellevue, Washington, 98004

9:25 am

Permit Exemption Strategies for Onsite Waste Processing Facilities: Rolf R. Von Oppenfeld, Daniel R. Brenden, and E.L. Hiser, Kane Jordan von Oppenfeld & Bischoff, 4201 North 24th Street, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85016

9:50 am

Construction of New Plant of Continuous Sludge Disposal System at Hot Rolled Annealing and Pickling Line: M. Sakuta, M. Suzuki, M. Itoh, M. Yoshioka, Kawasaki Steel Corp., 1 Kawasaki-Cho, Chuou-ku, Chiba-Shi 260, Chiba, Japan

10:15 am BREAK

10:30 am

Toxicity Aspects of Water Treatment: G. A. Knapp, Asarco Incorporated, 3422 South 700 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

10:55 am

Options for Complying with Water Quality - Base Metal Limitations: Jack Thibodeau, Parsons Engineering Science, 8000 Centre Park Drive, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78754

11:20 am

Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Mine Drainage: Brandon R. Ball, K.V. Brix, M.S. Brancato, M. P. Allison, Shaunie M. Vail, Parametrix Inc., 1231 Fryar Avenue, PO Box 460, Sumner, WA 98390-1516

11:45 am

Waste Minimization: Baseline Development of Planning: L.M. Southwick, L.M. Southwick and Associates, 992 Marion Avenue, Suite 306, Cincinnati, OH 45229

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