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Recipients: The 1998 LMD Light Metals Award

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's Light Metals Division Light Metals Award, established in 1983, is awarded to the author(s) of a paper published in the preceding year's volume of Light Metals, which notably exemplifies the solution of a practical problem.
Paper Title: "Coalescence Behaviour of Aluminum Droplets under Molten Salt Flux Cover," in Light Metals 1997, edited by Barry Welch.

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Jean-Pierre Martin

Biography: Jean-Pierre Martin is technical leader of Automotive Applications--North America for Alcan International Limited. He earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from McGill University in 1980. He has served as project leader for the development of Alscan&tm; and LiMCA aluminum casting technologies.

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Torstein Utigard

Biography: Torstein Utigard is an associate professor at the University of Toronto. He earned his B.S. in science from the University of Oslo in 1979, his M.S. in physical chemistry from Oslo University in 1981, and his Ph.D. in metallurgy from the University of Toronto in 1985. He has been a professor at the university since 1989.

Quote on behalf of the Light Metals Award Winners: "For a person like myself working in the area of extractive metallurgy, attending TMS Annual Meetings is like attending a family reunion. It gives me an opportunity to meet and see friends from all over the world for a precious couple of days. To be awarded the 1997 Light Metals Award, I feel is a significant achievement that I greatly appreciate."

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Claude Dupuis

Biography: Claude Dupuis is a senior scientist at Alcan International Limited. He earned his B.S. in metallurgical engineering from Laval University in 1984 and his M.S. in metallurgy from Laval University in 1987. For the past ten years, he has been involved in the development and industrial application of molten aluminum treatment processes and quality monitoring techniques.

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Karla Friesen

Biography: Karla Friesen is a plant metallurgist for Scepter. She earned her B.S. in metallurgy and materials science and her M.S. in metallurgy from the University of Toronto in 1994 and 1996, respectively.

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