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Recipient: 1998 Structural Materials Division Distinguished Service Award

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's Distinguished Service Award recognizes recognizes an individual whose dedication and commitment to the Structural Materials Division has made a demonstrable difference to the objectives and capabilities of the division and the Society.
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Francis H. Froes

Citation: "For his outstanding service to the Structural Materials Division by his participation and publications in the area of aerospace materials."

Biography: Francis H. Froes is director of the Institute for Materials and Advanced Processes at the University of Idaho. He earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in physical metallurgy at the University of Sheffield. After serving as manager of titanium R&D for the Crucible Research Center, Dr. Froes joined the U.S. Air Force's Materials Laboratory as a titanium group leader and structural materials branch chief.

Dr. Froes is the author or coauthor of 650 technical publications and 52 patents and has edited 26 books. He has received numerous awards, including the Ben Gurion Medal of Israel.

Quote: "This award gives me a great deal of pleasure as it lets me know that all the work I have done for the Structural Materials Division of TMS is being recognized. Committee work, conference organizing, etc., has its own rewards, but this more global award is nice also."

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