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Recipient: 2001 Bruce Chalmers Award

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's Bruce Chalmers Award was established in 1989 by the Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division of TMS and is named for Bruce Chalmers, widely acknowledged as the father of modern solidification science. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of solidification science.
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William J. Boettinger

Citation: "For showing how fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic models, with modern computational power, lead directly to quantitative predictions of the microstructures generated by solidification."

Biography: William J. Boettinger is a metallurgist at the National Bureau of Standards/National Institute of Standards and Technology conducting research in areas of directional solidification, materials characterization by synchrotron radiation, rapid solidification, phase transformations in aluminide alloys, solders, phase diagrams, and diffusion. He has also lectured part time on Transformations in Materials at the Department of Chemical, Mechanical, and Environmental Engineering at The George Washington University.

Dr. Boettinger earned both a B.E.S. in mechanics and a Ph.D. in metallurgy at John Hopkins University in 1968 and 1972, respectively.

Dr. Boettinger has authored more than 100 publications, including a chapter titled “Solidification” in Physical Metallurgy, and more than 80 lectures. He has received numerous honors and awards, including the TMS Champion Mathewson Award and Bruce Chalmers Award.

Quote: “TMS membership has been an important part of my professional life. Since 1972, I have been attending technical sessions on various topics including solidification. In these sessions, I have had the opportunity to meet the leaders in the solidification field and to present the research that I have been fortunate to produce in the Metallurgy Division of National Institute of Standards & Technology. TMS established a solidification award in the name of Professor Bruce Chalmers, a pioneer in the application of sound scientific principles to the areas of crystal growth and solidification. Because this has also been my goal and because my education in the field of solidification began with a thorough study of his book, ‘Principles of Solidification,’ I am extremely honored to be chosen to receive the award.”

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