Frequently Asked Questions

  • + Abstract Submission
    • How do I submit an abstract? To submit an abstract, it is first necessary to log into ProgramMaster. If you have not used ProgramMaster before, you will need to register. Registration is free. New for TMS2019: If you are a TMS member, you may use that login. Once you are logged in, select "Submit an Abstract" from the main menu.
      How long should my abstract be? Abstracts should be no longer than 150 words.
      How should the text be formatted? The abstract should be typed in plain text, which you will copy and paste into the ProgramMaster block. Special characters, such as Greek letters and mathematical symbols, should be added using the codes provided.
      What happens if I save my abstract in ProgramMaster but do not submit it? No one will see your abstract until you hit the submit button. Once you have saved your abstract, you may go back and edit your submission, but TMS does not receive it until you press submit.
      Do I need to submit an extended abstract? No, unless it is specified for your symposium.
      What is the abstract deadline? The abstract deadline is July 1, 2018. While a short deadline extension is customary, not all organizers agree to this extension if their symposium is full. It is best to submit your abstract by the published deadline, July 1. Failure to do so may jeopardize your ability to participate.
      What are the abstract topics? Technical topics for this year's meeting can be found here.
      Do I have to be a TMS member to submit an abstract? No, you do not need to be a TMS member. But, you must create a login on ProgramMaster in order to submit your abstract. This process is free.
      I’m only submitting a poster; what process should I use? Posters are submitted through ProgramMaster as well. Select the appropriate symposium from the list available on the ProgramMaster site, then follow the instructions for submitting an abstract.
      How can I edit an abstract? Only abstracts with the following statuses can be edited: "Submitted" or "Saved But Not Submitted." You can edit the abstract via the "Presenter/Author Tools" link from the main menu of ProgramMaster. You will see which items are available for viewing only and which are available for editing.
  • + Travel Planning
    • Does TMS offer airfare discounts? No. Transportation arrangements to/from the Annual Meeting are the attendee’s responsibility.
      What is the closest airport to the meeting site? San Antonio International Airport is located nine miles from the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center meeting venue.
      What is the primary language of the meeting? All presentations, proceedings, documents, and communications are in English.
      What is the currency? All transactions related to TMS2019 are in U.S. dollars.
      What is the time zone in San Antonio, Texas? The time zone is Central Time.
      Will I need a voltage adaptor if I’m visiting from outside the United States? North American electricity is generated at 120 volts/60 Hz. If you come from a country with a different standard, you will need a voltage adaptor.
      What is the weather like in San Antonio?Weather forecasts can be accessed at The Weather Channel website.
  • + Giving Your Oral Presentation
    • What are the dates of the Annual Meeting? The meeting starts on Sunday, March 10, and ends on Thursday, March 14. Registration opens Sunday morning. You should plan to attend the entire meeting.
      Does my presentation need to be in a certain format? It is recommended, but not required, that you use the TMS PowerPoint template. This template will be available in the near future on the website. Please bring a flash drive which contains your PowerPoint presentation to the session room.
      What are the time constraints for presentations? In general, contributed presentations should last about 20 minutes. Please do not extend your presentation beyond your assigned time as a courtesy to all presenters. If you need a question and answer period, this consideration must be incorporated in your assigned speaking time.
      Should I meet with my session chair before the session? Presenters should plan to attend the Presenter’s Coffee on the morning of their presentation. Session chairs conduct a run-through of the entire session at these gatherings.
      Do you offer a speaker-ready room? We do not have a speaker-ready room, but there will be an opportunity to practice your presentation in your assigned room before the session begins.
      Since I am a presenter, do I have to pay to attend? Yes, but be sure to register at the discounted presenter’s rate.
  • + Giving Your Poster Presentation
    • Do I need to use a poster template? No, but each poster presenter may use up to a 4' x 4' space (approximately 122 cm x 122 cm.). Any visual aids which might clarify the results of your own work are encouraged. These can include diagrams, charts, figures, illustrations, etc. Do not, however, post your paper text. Graphics should be simple, colorful, well labeled, and clear. The title should be written in letters 1-2 inches (2 to 5 cm) high, and all material should be readable from a distance of 7 feet (2 m).
      Since I am a poster presenter, do I have to pay to attend? Yes, but be sure to register at the discounted presenter’s rate.
  • + What to do during the Annual Meeting
    • What should I do when I arrive? Pick up your name badge and final program at Registration. You can obtain a receipt at this station. Please notify the registration staff if a stamp is required for the receipt.
      How do I find my session room for presentation? The session rooms and presentations are listed in the Final Program available in your registration materials.
      I am new to TMS. What do I do when I'm not in a session? In addition to attending technical sessions, you can visit the exhibit hall to browse product and service displays, attend receptions and networking events to engage with other meeting attendees, and participate in TMS technical committee meetings to become more involved in TMS. Please browse the TMS Annual Meeting website to familiarize yourself with the full range of opportunities available.
      How do I access WiFi? Specific information about wireless internet access and locations will be available in March 2019.
      Who do I contact with questions related to my presentation? The Technical Programming Support Desk will be open each day to answer any questions that presenters may have during the program. Specific information about the Technical Programming Support Desk location will be available in February 2019.
      Are participation certificates available? Certificates will be available for Organizers, Session Chairs, and Presenters at the Technical Programming Support Desk beginning on Monday, March 11.
  • + Post-Meeting
    • How do I provide comments about the meeting? All conference participants are asked to complete the attendee survey which will be sent via e-mail after the conference.
      What if I lost my receipt? If you need a receipt for your conference registration, contact TMS Customer Service.
      What if I lost my certificate? ? If you need a certificate of participation, contact the TMS Programming Department. Include the title of your presentation and the name of your symposium in your e-mail request.