Graduate Student Events

The TMS 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibition is an ideal place for graduate students to create the professional networks essential to building a successful career. We encourage you to participate in all of the meeting’s student activities—which are designed for both graduate and undergraduate students—but we also encourage you to look to the next phase of your career by attending some of our young professional and TMS orientation activities.

Student Events (for Graduates and Undergraduates)

2021 TMS Technical Division Student Poster Contest

Students are invited to submit posters of their research related to each of the five TMS technical divisions: Extraction & Processing, Functional Materials, Light Metals, Materials Processing & Manufacturing, and Structural Materials. One winning graduate poster and one winning undergraduate poster will be selected in each technical division. Learn more about the contest rules and submit your abstract through ProgramMaster. Deadline to submit a poster abstract is December 4, 2020.

TMS2021 Materials Bowl

Material Advantage chapters are invited to participate in the Materials Bowl, held each year at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Chapters select a team of two to four members to represent their school in a materials-themed knowledge and trivia competition. The team may consist of up to two graduate students. Teams compete in elimination rounds, a semi-final match, and championship game for cash prizes. Each member of the winning team receives $250, and the winning chapter receives $500. The second-place team receives $500 for their chapter. To participate in the 2020 competition, the student chapter chair or faculty advisor should submit a Materials Bowl application by December 15, 2020.

Young Professional Activities

Check back in the coming months for announcements on young professional activities at TMS2021.

TMS Orientation Activities

Check back in the coming months for announcements on TMS orientation activities at TMS2021.