2022 Light Metals Keynote Session

50 Years of Continuous Light Metals Proceedings—Highlights and Vision for the Century

Monday, February 28, 2022
8:30 a.m. to Noon
Anaheim Convention Center, Room 204B
Sponsored by:
TMS Light Metals Division; TMS Aluminum Committee
Linus Perander, Yara International

Hear from invited presenters working in industry and academia as they look back at 50 years of light metals development and discuss a vision for the coming century. The session will conclude with a panel discussion featuring the participating speakers.

Learn about additional light metals programming planned at TMS2022 on the Technical Program web page.

This in-person session at TMS2022 will also be livestreamed for virtual attendees to view in real-time.

Featured Speakers

György (George) Bánvölgyi, Bán-Völgy Limited Partnership
Presentation Title: "An Overview of the Last 50 Years of the Bayer Process"

James Metson, University of Auckland
Presentation Title: "The Evolution of Smelting Aluminas"

Marc Dupuis, GeniSim Inc.
Presentation Title: "Review of Different Types of Models Related to Aluminum Reduction Cell Design and Operation"

Jayson Tessier, Alcoa Corporation
Presentation Title: "50 Years of Fundamental Research, Continuous Development, and Technology Innovation within the Aluminum Smelting Industry"

John Grandfield, Grandfield Technology
Presentation Title: "50 Years of Aluminum Cast House Technology Development: Lessons from 5 Case Studies"

Dmitry Eskin, Brunel University London
Presentation Title: "From Grain Refining to Casting Defects: Simplicity in Complexity"

Alan Tomsett, Rio Tinto Pacific Operations
Presentation Title: "Challenges for the Carbon Transition–Revisiting 50 Years of Anode Technology Development"

Arne Ratvik, SINTEF
Presentation Title: "50 Years of Research and Developments on Cathode Designs in Aluminium Reduction"

Panel Discussion

These keynote presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, in which audience members can pose questions to the presenters, beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Light Metals 2022 Proceedings

Remember that TMS2022 registrants will receive electronic access to the Light Metals 2022 proceedings volume, along with nine additional conference proceedings, as part of their meeting registration fee. View more information on TMS2022 proceedings.

Additional Light Metals Programming at TMS2022

TMS2022 will feature the following symposia, held throughout the week as part of the conference’s Light Metals technical track:

View the TMS2022 Technical Program web page for more detail on programming plans at the conference.

View Presentation Slides from TMS2021 Virtual Light Metals Keynote Session

Last year’s keynote session focused on the topic of Sustainability in the Aluminum Supply Chain. Slide presentations from this session are now available to view in PDF format through the TMS2021 Virtual website.