Be Part of REWAS 2022

TMS2022 welcomes the 7th installment of the REWAS conference series that will focus on Developing Tomorrow's Technical Cycles. This unique, transdisciplinary conference covers the latest technical and societal developments enabling sustainability within our global economy with a special focus on Recycling and Waste management. It will feature a plenary session, several technical symposia, and a social event. Browse a listing of our planned symposia below.

REWAS 2022 is sponsored by the TMS Recycling & Environmental Technologies Committee

Lead Organizers

Camille Fleuriault, co-lead, Eramet Norway
Mertol Gökelma, co-lead, Izmir Institute of Technology
Elsa Olivetti, MIT
Christina Meskers, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

Planned REWAS 2022 Symposia

Diran Apelian Honorary Symposium

This honorary symposium will consist of a set of invited speakers to cover topics motivated and inspired by the wealth of expertise Dr. Apelian has contributed in metals processing, aluminum and battery recycling, sustainability, education in materials science, and more. Experts will be those connected with the NSF IUCRC Center for Resource, Recovery and Recycling that Dr. Apelian founded. Honorary sessions will cover topics such as: solidification processing; aluminum metallurgy; clean metal/melt refining; plasma processing/spray forming; powder metallurgy; resource recovery and recycling; other topics in materials processing; and innovation in engineering education. Symposium co-organizers: Adam Powell, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Bart Blanpain, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Brajendra Mishra, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Cast Shop Technologies: Recycling and Sustainability Session

The use of light metals in the aerospace and automotive industries has been rising due to their outstanding properties. The importance of recycling and sustainable metal casting has risen in the last decades dramatically due to the increasing demand on primary resources and environmental concerns. Innovative and more efficient recycling technologies are needed for complex scraps to increase the recycled metal portion in the total metal production. This joint session within the Cast Shop Technology Symposium explores economic and environmental impacts of recycling, recyclability of complex scraps, pre-treatment of scraps, new recycling processes and life cycle assessment. Co-sponsored by the TMS Aluminum Committee. Symposium co-organizer: Stephen Instone, Hydro

REWAS 2022: Sustainable Production and Development Perspectives

In a context of deep economic and societal changes, new bridges have appeared between scientific fields. In addition, the sustainability of materials is directly coupled to the sustainable development of emerging economies and how we envision the urban ecosystems of the future. This topic welcomes studies illustrating recent advances in the field of metallurgy applied to metal valorization contained in primary and secondary resources and to the development of technologies aiming at reducing effluent production and effluent impact on environment. Recent studies on societal and environmental impacts of metallurgy, economics of processes, life cycle assessment, industrial ecology, the development of a global circular economy, and how these concepts fit within the UN’s Sustainable development goals are also of interest for this symposium. Co-sponsored by the TMS Pyrometallurgy Committee. Co-organizers: Mingming Zhang, Wood Mackenzie; Haoyang He, University of California Irvine

REWAS 2022: Recovering the Unrecoverable

With the diversification of engineered materials and depletion of high-grade ores come complexification of recovery processes. This symposium continues a key symposium track in the REWAS conference series. It covers advances in recycling technologies for the valorization of complex man-made materials/products, as well as recent developments in clean technologies for extraction and recovery of metals from challenging secondary and byproduct sources. In particular, this symposium will cover physical and chemical (metallurgical) processes for energy storage systems, electronic and complex scrap, as well as industrial and metallurgical residues containing critical metals. Co-sponsored by the TMS Hydrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy Committee. Symposium co-organizers: John Howarter, Purdue University; Takanari Ouchi, The University of Tokyo; Kerstin Forsberg, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology; Hong Peng, The University of Queensland; Gisele Azimi, University of Toronto

REWAS 2022: Automation and Digitalization for Advanced Manufacturing

Over the last 20 years, the manufacturing landscape has been transformed by the growing take of digital sciences on the improvement of product and processes. Most innovative solutions for advanced materials production are being developed via automation, computerization, and digitalization. In this symposium, the role of modelling and programming technologies in waste management, the reduction of environmental footprints, and the optimization of industrial processes will be explored. Co-sponsored by the Process Technologies and Modelling Committee. Symposium co-organizer: Alexandra Anderson, Gopher Resource

REWAS 2022: Decarbonizing the Materials Industry

This symposium covers decarbonization efforts across the primary and secondary industries via development of alternative, renewable energies and the optimization of fuel consumption for energy generation. Described concepts will refer to recent technologies or policies used for the purpose of reducing CO2 emissions. In particular, hydrogen reduction, inert anode smelting, and alternative sources of energy for production plants are of interest. Beyond the technologies described, emphasis should be made on the metrics used for the quantification of carbon reduction.
Co-sponsored by the TMS Aluminum, Energy, Pyrometallurgy, and Process Technologies and Modelling committees. Symposium co-organizers: Jesse White, Elkem AS; Nwike Iloeje, Argonne National Laboratory; Neale Neelameggham, IND LLC; Stephen Broek, Hatch

Networking Event

All REWAS 2022 attendees are invited to join us for the PubZone Networking Reception on Monday evening, February 28. This event allows participants in the REWAS and Furnace Tapping 2022 symposia an opportunity to connect in a relaxed, casual setting at a local Anaheim restaurant. Drink tickets and light appetizers will be provided. You can purchase a ticket for $75 through the TMS2022 registration form. (Note: You must be 21 or older to attend. Please be prepared to present a valid photo ID at the event.)