TMS Family Care Grants

FOCUS GOAL: Double the Number of TMS Family Care Grants

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Trends in family structures and commitments have made travel for professional development and learning extremely challenging for many professionals. A number of those early in their career must contend with childcare challenges. Others are responsible for providing care to elderly individuals or those with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Still others must consider their own self-care as they manage a medical condition or disability that requires support.

To help remove these obstacles to professional growth, TMS initiated its Family Care Grants program in 2017. This initiative specifically provides support to materials science and engineering professionals who are interested in attending the TMS Annual Meeting. A TMS Family Care Grant can be applied to a variety of needs. Examples include extra family care expenses incurred because the primary caregiver was attending the meeting, as well as special equipment expenses to enable participation, such as wheelchair rental.

The TMS program currently issues up to 30 grants a year, valued at up to $500 each. Feedback from past recipients indicates that receiving this grant made all the difference in their ability to present their work at the TMS Annual Meeting. However, in the short time that the program has been offered, demand for the grants has far outstripped their availability. The TMS Foundation has made it a priority to double the number of available TMS Family Care Grants to expand the impact of this important program.