1871 Legacy Circle

Legacy Giving

Minerals, metals and materials scientists and engineers are changing the world. By investing in our people with education, collaboration, and a diverse workforce we can ensure continuing innovation and transformation.

Making a legacy gift to the TMS Foundation honors your commitment to strengthening our field both now and for future generations by:

  • Supporting the field you have dedicated your career to advancing. Donating to the TMS Foundation creates opportunities for students and professionals to develop their careers and foster diversity and inclusion in the STEM community.
  • Providing long-term funding that lasts beyond your lifetime. Legacy gifts strengthen our field for years to come.
  • Costing you nothing now. Have a significant impact on the field of minerals, metals and materials without putting any financial stress on you or your loved ones. Legacy gits are tax-exempt, potentially lowering your heirs’ tax obligations.

Visit our smarter ways to give page or download our free guide on making a legacy gift to TMS Foundation.

If you have questions or need more information about legacy giving, please e-mail TMS Foundation staff or call 1-724-776-9000.

1871 Legacy Society

The 1871 Legacy Circle recognizes individuals who have provided a legacy gift to the TMS Foundation. The name reflects the heritage of TMS: the American Institute for Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), TMS’s antecedent organization, was established in 1871.

1871 Legacy Circle members:
  • Receive special invitations to events and experiences
  • Are recognized in JOM: The Magazine
  • Are awarded a certificate of recognition
  • Hear periodic updates on their impact
  • Network with TMS Foundation Trustees and fellow supporters

The 1871 Legacy Circle allows the Foundation to express our appreciation to our legacy donors and inspires other TMS members who may be considering ways to make a lasting impact and give back to the professional organization that has been so important to their career.

Let us recognize your lasting impact on the TMS Foundation, join the 1871 Legacy Circle by completing this gift intention form.

We hope that your participation in the 1871 Legacy Circle brings you pride and satisfaction in knowing the impact you have on future leaders in the most critical stages of their career development. Together we are strengthening the field and preparing for a brighter future.

If you have questions or need more information about legacy giving or the 1871 Legacy Circle, please e-mail TMS Foundation staff or call 1-724-776-9000.

Please consult a legal or tax advisor to understand the best legacy plan for your personal situation.