Donor Profiles: Marty and Lucinda Glicksman

Marty and Lucinda Glicksman

"TMS’s annual meetings and special programs organized in my fields of materials research helped me to establish personal contacts and gain professional exposure, especially during the formative years of my career. I deeply appreciated making friends and colleagues at TMS meetings who also became truly valuable assets and catalysts for helping me to advance in my activities. Colleagues with whom I interacted over the years meant so much to my own progress and success and, as such, monetary support for keeping the TMS Foundation strong and expanding its influence seems like the right thing for us to do.

Unless others join in and continue to support TMS, both as volunteers and in providing monetary assistance, TMS would be limited in its ability to provide valuable outreach and programs for its younger members who are extremely busy in their own quest for advancement and professional recognition. As the charitable arm of TMS, the TMS Foundation certainly helps to provide this assistance. If as TMS members we fail to support and recognize our best professionals and students, then who will?

It is a pleasure to meet periodically with like-minded supporters of TMS who are willing to provide the resources to enable and expand the Foundation’s activities. Obtaining a particular honorific level merely marks how far one has reached to enjoy the recognition of TMS staff and officers, and appreciate the interaction with TMS members who are similarly committed. This type of reflective fellowship informs us all of the importance to which the Foundation’s resources are applied for accomplishing its good works and certainly reinforces our deep belief that in helping others we surely help ourselves. It’s a positive feeling for one to contribute to a charitable organization that enhances opportunities for younger men and women who have chosen our profession."

About Marty and Lucinda Glicksman

Marty Glicksman has been a member of TMS since 1959 when he joined as a student while attending graduate school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He continued his involvement in the Society throughout his career and received the Bruce Chalmers Award before being named a Fellow of TMS for his distinguished accomplishments. He currently serves as the Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, University Professor at Florida Institute of Technology.

Marty’s wife, Lucinda, is his partner in philanthropy and shares his perception of TMS playing an important role in their lives. She often joins Marty at TMS annual meetings and TMS Foundation events where she readily gives her encouragement to other donors.

Marty and Lucinda are committed supporters of the TMS Foundation and its mission to support future generations of professionals. They were the first members of the top-level of the TMS Foundation Lifetime Giving Societies, the Diamond Society, as well as inaugural members of the 1871 Legacy Circle.