Comic-tanium™:  The Super Materials of the Superheroes
Please note that the Comic-tanium exhibit is no longer available. Elements of this project are being applied to the next phase of TMS educational outreach—the TMS Materials Explorers initiative. Check the TMS home page and other communication outlets regularly for updates. The Comic-tanium website will not be updated.
Comic-tanium is a traveling, non-profit educational exhibit that makes a connection between the real world of materials science and the fictional worlds of well-known comic book heroes, like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman and others. It was developed by the TMS Foundation, TMS, and the ToonSeum.

Comic-tanium uses comic art and mythology to present how materials science and engineering actually does "save the world" every day. Its mission is to inspire young people to pursue careers in the science and engineering professions.

This museum-quality retrospective is of interest to anyone who has ever read a comic book, watched a superhero movie, or wondered at the possibilities of materials technology.


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