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Topic Title: Materials Studio
Topic Summary: Accelrys. Commercial multiscale package focused on structure, crystallization, surfaces/catalysis, soft materials
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 4/8/2008 10:16 AM

Cathy Rohrer

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Materials Studio is a commercial software package for studying chemicals and materials, including crystal structure and crystallization processes, polymer properties, catalysis, and structure-activity relationships.

It includes:
• quantum and catalysis tools: CASTEP, DMol3, Gaussian, VAMP
• polymers and simulation tools: COMPASS, Blends, Discover, Dissipative Particle Dynamics, Equilibria, GULP, MesoDyn, MesoProp, Synthia
• analytical and crystallization tools: Morphology, Reflex, X-cell
• visualization and statistics tools: Materials Visualizer, QSAR

Citation: "Materials Studio," Accelrys. © 2001-2007 Accelrys Software Inc..

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Examples of published work using Materials Studio:
• Nuclear materials using GULP:
B. S. Thomas, N. A. Marks and Peter Harrowell, Inversion of defect interactions due to ordering in Sr1-3x/2LaxTiO3 perovskites: an atomistic simulation study, Phys. Rev. B, 74, 214109 (2006).
• Catalysis using DMol3:
Manoilova, O.V., Podkolzin, S.G., Tope, B., Lercher, J., Stangland, E.E., Goupil, J.M., Weckhuysen, B.M., "Surface Acidity and Basicity of La2O3, LaOCl, and LaCl3 Characterized by IR Spectroscopy, TPD, and DFT Calculations," J. Phys. Chem. B, 108, pp 15770-15781, 2004.

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