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Topic Title: Python
Topic Summary: Python Software Foundation. Open source license object-oriented programming language
Created On: 9/14/2007 11:52 AM

 9/14/2007 11:52 AM

Cathy Rohrer

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Python is an object-oriented programming language available free under the Open Source Initiative approved open source license. As listed on its website, Python features include:
* very clear, readable syntax
* strong introspection capabilities
* intuitive object orientation
* natural expression of procedural code
* full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages
* exception-based error handling
* very high level dynamic data types
* extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually every task
* extensions and modules easily written in C, C++ (or Java for Jython, or .NET languages for IronPython)
* embeddable within applications as a scripting interface

Citation: "Python Programming Language -- Official Website," Copyright © 1990-2007, Python Software Foundation.

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M. Pilgrim, Dive Into Python - Python from novice to pro, Apress, 2004.

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