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Topic Title: ARTICLE: The USAMP Magnesium Powertrain Cast Components Project
Topic Summary: A paper summarizing the accomplishments of the Magnesium Powertrain Cast Components Project, as of 2003
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 2/7/2007 11:12 AM

Lynne Robinson

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The U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership (USAMP) and the U.S. Department of Energy launched the Magnesium Powertrain Cast Components Project in 2001 to determine the feasibility of producing a magnesium-intensive engine: a six-cylinder engine with a magnesium block, bedplate, oil pan, and front cover. As the project approaches its midpoint, two goals are near completion: evaluation of the best available low-cost, creep-resistant magnesium alloys and design of engine components using the properties of the best alloys. Phase II of the project sets three additional goals: casting and testing the magnesium components in assembled powertrains, developing a powertrain magnesium alloy design database and common specification for magnesium powertrain alloys, and funding and promoting research to enable even more advanced powertrain applications in North America. The accomplishments of this project to date are summarized in this article.

SOURCE: Powell, Bob R. "The USAMP Magnesium Powertrain Cast Components Project." JOM 55(11)(November 2003): 28-29.

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