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Topic Title: ARTICLES: April 2007 JOM: Radiation Effects and Modeling
Topic Summary: Articles from the April 2007 JOM including computational modeling, GNEP research challenges and space reactor program
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 9/12/2007 1:44 PM

Todd Osman

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Use the link provided below to access the following articles featured in the April 2007 issue of JOM:

"Materials for Advanced Nuclear Systems," Robert J. Hanrahan, Jr.
"Basic Research Needs for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems," James B. Roberto and
Tomas Diaz de la Rubia"
"Space Fission Reactor Structural Materials: Choices Past, Present, and Future," J.T. Busby and K.J. Leonard
"The Atomic Structure of Disordered Ion Tracks in Magnesium Aluminate Spinel," Kazuhiro Yasuda, Tomokazu Yamamoto, and Syo Matsumura
"Radiation Effects in a Model Ceramic for Nuclear Waste Disposal," Ram Devanathan and William J. Weber
"Irradiation-Induced Order-to-Disorder Phase Transformation at Different Temperatures in Dy2O3," M. Tang, J.A. Valdez, K.E. Sickafus, and P. Lu
"The Atomic-Scale Modeling of Dislocation-Obstacle Interactions in Irradiated Metals," D.J. Bacon and Yu.N. Osetsky
"Precipitate Stability and Morphology in Irradiation Environments," P. Krasnochtchekov, R.S. Averback, and P. Bellon
"The Computational Modeling of Alloys at the Atomic Scale: From Ab Initio and Thermodynamics to Radiation-Induced Heterogeneous Precipitation," A. Caro, M. Caro, P. Klaver, B. Sadigh, E.M. Lopasso, and S.G. Srinivasan
"Toys that Radiate Fun: A Look at Atomic-Themed Games and Collectibles," Kelly Roncone Zappas

Citation: JOM. 59(4) April 2007.

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