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Topic Title: ARTICLES: Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
Topic Summary: January 2008 JOM articles
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 1/4/2008 2:21 PM

Todd Osman

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The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) was established to be an equal and voluntary international partnership for developing nuclear technology to the benefit of everyone. The January 2008 JOM touches on some of the materials development needs that will be required as a part of GNEP, along with some of the specific research that is ongoing as part of this development in the following articles:

Materials for Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
Cladding and Duct Materials for Advanced Nuclear Recycle Reactors
Radiation Effects on the Microstructure of a 9Cr-ODS Alloy
The Development of Metallic Nuclear Fuels for Transmutation Applications: Materials Challenges
The Early Characterization of Irradiation Effects in Stainless Steels at the Experimental
Breeder Reactor-II

Link to Issue: January 2008 JOM

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