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Topic Title: ARTICLES: Thermomechanical Processing of Superalloys
Topic Summary: Directory of selected articles on thermomechanical processing
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 2/9/2007 4:32 AM

Lynette Karabin

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The following directory provides citation information and links to a number of articles on thermomechanical processing of superalloys which have been reviewed by an advisory group of TMS subject matter experts. To access an article, simply click on the title.

A. Kermanpur, S. Tin, P.D. Lee, and M. McLean. "Integrated Modeling for the Manufacture of Aerospace Discs: Grain Structure Evolution." JOM, March 2004, p. 72-78.

J.M. Zhang, Z.Y. Gao, J.Y. Zhuang, and Z.Y. Zhong. "Mathematical Modeling of the Hot-Deformation Behavior of Superalloy IN718." Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, October 1999, pp. 2701-2712.

Martin C. Mataya. "Simulating Microstructural Evolution during the Hot Working of Alloy 718." JOM, January 1999, p. 18.

Robin M. Forbes Jones and Laurence A. Jackman. "The Structural Evolution of Superalloy Ingots during Hot Working." JOM, January 1999, p. 27-31.

D.U. Furrer, R. Shankar, and C. White. "Optimizing the Heat Treatment of Ni-Based Superalloy Turbine Discs." JOM, March 2003, p. 32.

S.L. Semiatin, D.S. Weaver, P.N. Fagin, M.G. Glavicic, R.L. Goetz, N.D. Frey, R.C. Kramb, and M.M. Antony. "Deformation and Recrystallization Behavior during Hot Working of a Coarse-Grain, Nickel-Base Superalloy Ingot Material." Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, February 2004, pp. 679-693.


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