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Topic Title: ARTICLE: A Platinum-Enriched G + G’ Two Phase Bond Coat on Ni-Based Superalloys
Topic Summary: Y. Zhang et. al. article for Surface Coatings and Technology, 2006
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 2/25/2008 10:09 AM

Lynette Karabin

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ABSTRACT: A Pt-enriched γ + γ′ two-phase coating was applied to directionally-solidified Ni-based superalloy René 142 substrates with three different Hf levels (0.02, 0.76, and 1.37 wt.%). The coating was prepared by electroplating a thin layer of Pt on the superalloy followed by a diffusion treatment. The as-deposited coating exhibited a γ + γ′ two-phase microstructure with a major composition of Ni–16Al–18Pt–7Cr–9Co (in at.%) along with some incorporation of refractory elements from the substrates. Cyclic oxidation testing at 1100 °C in air indicated improved oxidation resistance of the René 142 alloys with the Pt-enriched γ + γ′ coatings. In addition, the oxidation resistance of both uncoated and coated alloys was proportional to the Hf content in the substrate. Compared with the single-phase β-(Ni,Pt)Al coating, slightly higher mass gains and localized spallation were observed on the γ + γ′ two-phase coating, which might be due to the segregation of refractory elements and high sulfur levels in these superalloy substrates.

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SOURCE: Y. Zhang, B. A. Pint, J. A. Haynes and I. G. Wright. “A Platinum-Enriched Gamma + Gamma’ Two-Phase Bond Coat on Ni-based Superalloys. Surface and Coatings Technology. Volume 200. Issues 5-6. 21 November 2005. Pp. 1259-1263.


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