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Topic Title: ARTICLES: Superalloy Coatings
Topic Summary: Directory of selected superalloy coating articles
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 2/15/2007 9:53 PM

Lynette Karabin

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The directory below provides citation information and links to a number of articles on coatings for superalloys which have been reviewed by an advisory group of TMS subject matter experts. To access an article, simply click on the title.

Roger C. Reed. "Superalloys and Coatings for High-Temperature Applications." JOM, January 2006, p. 36.

A. Akhtar, S. Hegde, and R.C. Reed. "The Oxidation of Single-Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloys." JOM, January 2006, p. 37-42.

Kyoko Kawagishi, Hiroshi Harada, Akihiro Sato, Atsushi Sato, and Toshiharu Kobayashi. "The Oxidation Properties of Fourth Generation Single-Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloys" JOM, January 2006, p. 43-46.

B.A. Pint, S.A. Speakman, C.J. Rawn, and Y. Zhang. "Deformation and Phase Transformations during the Cyclic Oxidation of Ni-Al and Ni-Pt-Al." JOM, January 2006, p. 47-52.

B. Tryon, F. Cao, K.S. Murphy, C.G. Levi, and T.M. Pollock. "Ruthenium-Containing Bond Coats for Thermal Barrier Coating Systems." JOM, January 2006, p. 53-59.

B. Jayaraj, S. Vishweswariah, V.H. Desai, and Y.H. Sohn. "Changes in Electrochemical Impedance with Microstructural Development in TBCs." JOM, January 2006, p. 60-63.

M. S. Hook, C. M. F. Rae, R. C. Reed. "On the Compatibility of Superalloy Substrate Composition With the Application of Low Temperature High Activity Pack-Cementation Aluminide Coatings." Advanced Materials and Processes for Gas Turbines, Warrendale, PA: TMS, 2003, p. 179-186.

S. Tin. L. Zhang, G. Brewster, and M.K. Miller. ---Investigaiton of Oxidation Characteristics and Atomic Partitioning in Platinum and Ruthenium Bearing SingleCrystal Ni-Based Superalloys.---"> Metal Mater Trans A, Vol. 37A, 2006, p. 1389-1396.

U. Krupp and H.-J. Christ. "Selective Oxidation and Internal Nitridation during High-Temperature Exposure of Single-Crystalline Nickel-Base Superalloys." Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, January 2000, pp. 47-56.

D.V.V. Satyanarayana and D.V. Kolluru. "The Effect of High-Temperature Oxidation on the Creep Behavior of a Superalloy (NIMONIC-105)."Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, July 2000.


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