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Topic Title: REPORT: Creep-fatigue behavior of NiCoCrAlY coated PWA 1480 superalloy single crystals
Topic Summary: Miner, R. V.; Gayda, J.; Hebsur, M. G., NASA Glenn Research Center, 1985
Created On: 2/16/2007 9:44 AM

 2/16/2007 9:44 AM

Lynette Karabin

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Single crystal specimens of a Ni base superalloy, PWA 1480, with a low pressure plasma sprayed NiCoCrAlY coating were tested in various 0.1 Hz fatigue and creep fatigue cycles both at 1015 and 1050 C. Creep fatigue tests of the cp, pc, and cc types were conducted with various constant total strain ranges employing creep dwells at various constant stresses. Considerable cyclic softening occurred as was evidenced particularly by rapidly increasing creep rates in the creep fatigue tests. The cycle time in the creep fatigue tests typically decreased by more than 80 percent at 0.5 N sub f. Though cyclic life did correlate with delta epsilon sub in a better correlation existed with sub f for both the fatigue and creep fatigue tests, and poor correlations were observed with either sigma sub max or the average cycle time. A model containing both delta sigma and delta sigma (sub in), N sub f = alpha delta sigma (sub in) beta delta sigma gamma, with best fit values of sigma for each cycle type, but the same values of beta and gamam, was found to provide good correlations. Life lines were not greatly different among the cycle types, differing only by a factor of about three. The cp cycle life line was lowest for both test temperatures, however among the other three cycle types there was no consistent ranking. For all test types failure occurred predominately by multiple internal cracking originating at pores. The strong correlation of life with delta sigma may reflect a significant crack growth period in the life of the specimens.

SOURCE: Miner, R. V.; Gayda, J.; Hebsur, M. G. "Creep-Fatigue Behavior of NiCoCrAlY Coated PWA 1480 Superalloy Single Crystals." NASA-TM-87110; E-2710; NAS 1.15:87110. Symposium on Low-Cycle Fatigue Directions for the Future. Bolton Landing, NY, United States. 30 Sep. - 4 Oct. 1985.


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