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Topic Title: ARTICLE: Materials Science and Engineering Education and Profession
Topic Summary: Compilation of JOM articles from 2005-2007 on M.S.E. education
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 2/10/2007 4:04 PM

Cathy Rohrer

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The following is a compilation of JOM articles focused on materials science and engineering education. Click on the title of the article you are interested in to access it.

Weertman, J., "The Evolution of the Materials Science and Engineering Profession and Professional over the Last 50 Years," JOM, Feb. 2007.
Apelian, D., "Looking Beyond the Last 50 Years: The Future of Materials Science and Engineering," JOM, Feb. 2007.
Schumanker, D. et al., "Materials Research in Europe: Mapping Excellence and Looking Ahead," JOM, Feb. 2007.
Tryggvason, G. and Apelian, D., "Re-engineering Engineering Education for the Challenges of the 21st Century," JOM, Oct. 2006.
Byko, M., "Talking with the Members of the Globalization of Materials R&D Study," JOM, March 2006.
Burleigh, T.D. and Fuierer, P.A., "Tuning Forks for Vibrant Teaching," JOM, Nov. 2005.
Gaballah, I., Dufourg, A., and Tondeur, D., "Education, Employment, and Sustainable Development in the European Union," JOM, Nov., 2002.
Tondeur, D., and Gaballah, I., "Trends in French Engineering and Environment Education," JOM, Nov., 2002.
Roncone, K., "Kids' Stuff: Science that Entertains and Informs," JOM, Jan., 2002.
Trillo, E., Stafford, S.W., and Murr, L.E., "Recruiting and Retaining Students in Metallurgy and Materials: One University's Experience," JOM, April, 1998.
Clark, D.J.M., " Developing, Integrating, and Sharing Web-Based Resources for Materials Education," JOM-e, May, 1998.

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