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Topic Title: Article: A Computational Materials Science Course for Undergraduate Majors
Topic Summary: J.M. Rickman and R.P. Vinci. JOM-e, 2003
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 7/1/2008 9:56 PM

Cathy Rohrer

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Abstract: This article describes the contents of a course offered to sophomore materials science and engineering majors at Lehigh University that emphasizes the application of computational techniques to problems of interest in science and engineering. This course builds on fundamental skills acquired in previous engineering and mathematics courses while exposing students, through the use of laboratory exercises, to concepts in probability and statistics, experimental design, error analysis, and numerical methods.

Links are also provided to four other articles in the series:
* “JOM-e: The Symposium on Computational Methods in Materials Education,” by Zi-Kui Liu, Long-Qing Chen, and Mark Asta
* “An Integrated Education Program on Computational Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Materials Design,” by Zi-Kui Liu, Long-Qing Chen, Karl E. Spear, and Carlee Pollard
* “Software for Teaching Materials Processing and Diffusion,” by S.E. Mohney, A.J. Miller, and G.L. Gray
* “Our Experience in Teaching Thermodynamics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison,” by Y. Austin Chang and W.A. Oates

Citation: J.M. Rickman and R.P. Vinci, "A Computational Materials Science Course for Undergraduate Majors," JOM-e, December 2003.

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