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Topic Title: EPD Congress 2008
Topic Summary: Updates from the process metallurgy community.
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 6/26/2008 11:14 AM

Diana Grady

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This book contains two-years of updates from the process metallurgy community, which convened the Extraction & Processing Division Congress at the TMS 2008 Annual Meeting. It covers the science, technology and industrial practice of the processing of ores and the treatment and minimization of wastes. Subjects include advances in roasting and sintering; aqueous processing; energy conservation in metals extraction and materials processing; materials processing fundamentals; pyrometallurgy; recycling; and developments in rare earth science and technology. In the editor's words "Light Metals remains the pre-eminent repository for aluminum and magnesium process technical information." This 2008 edition continues coverage of the aluminum process including alumina and bauxite, electrodes, reduction, cast shop, and recycling. New this year is the section on hot and cold rolling of aluminum. As with many interfaces between production centers, there are technical issues that require an understanding of both sides to solve. Therefore, this edition includes a new focus on fabrication process technology while maintaining the traditional coverage of upstream processes. In addition, to respond to the challenges to reduce the impact of light metals production on the environment, special emphasis on sustainability and environmental issues is provided.

Source: EPD Congress. Ed. S. M. Howard. Warrendale, PA: TMS. 2008
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