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Topic Title: Aluminum: Technology, Applications and Environment
Topic Summary: 6th Edition of Dr. Dietrich Altenpohl's book originally titled "Aluminum From Within"
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 6/30/2008 1:05 PM

Diana Grady

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This volume is the 6th edition of Dr. Dietrich Altenpohl's book, originally titled Aluminum From Within (and still carrying that subtitle.) It is the most recent English Edition, considerably updated and expanded beyond the German 5th Edition, from which most of it was translated. The newest alloys, such as the Al-Li group, and the most rapidly expanding applications in automotive frames and components, are well covered.

Source: D. G. Altenpohl. Aluminum: Technology, Applications and Environment. 6th Edition. The Aluminum Association and The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society. 1998.
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