September 21, 2017

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Here's How You Described Us 

A few months ago, TMS asked members a simple question: In one word, how would you describe TMS? While the number of different words we received covered a lot of territory, there were several recurring terms: connected, professional, influential. The kinds of solid, career-oriented words you would hope to hear from the members of a professional organization. But more personal terms regularly emerged, too: community, friendly, even family.

The overall results of the survey are summarized in the graphic accompanying this story—a word cloud that offers a snapshot of TMS membership built from our members’ words. TMS would like to thank all of the members who contributed to creating this image, which will be a useful tool for describing TMS membership to those outside of the organization. 

If you are not a TMS member and would like to become a part of the TMS community, information on the various types of membership and how to apply for them can be found in the Become a Member section of the TMS website. 

If you are a TMS member, please note that dues renewals are now being accepted for 2018. When you renew your membership for the coming year, you can choose to renew for one, three, or five years. You can renew your membership at any time through the Member Tools section of the TMS Access Member Benefits website. (Log in is required.) 

We hope that you will continue to be a part of TMS’s connected, professional, and influential family of minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers for 2018 and beyond.

Propose a Nominee for the Hoover Medal 

The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) Hoover board representatives are seeking suggested nominees from members of the four AIME Societies for the prestigious joint engineering society Hoover Medal, administered by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Oladele Ogunseitan represents TMS on this year’s AIME Hoover Board, which is made up of representatives from TMS, as well as its sister AIME societies, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Established in 1929, the Hoover Medal recognizes great, unselfish, non-technical services by engineers to humanity. The award is named for former U.S. President and mining engineer Herbert Hoover, who received the first medal in 1930. Upon accepting the award, Hoover stated that the purpose of the medal is to mark the public service of those “who have gone outside of their strictly professional work to interest themselves in civic and humanitarian affairs; engineers have something to contribute to public service.” 

Past recipients include former U.S. presidents, technological leaders, and well-known inventors. View the complete list of past honorees through the ASME website.

Please e-mail suggested nominee names and rationale to AIME’s Executive Director, Michele Lawrie-Munro, by Wednesday, October 4. Be sure to note that you are a TMS member. If the Board chooses to advance your nomination, the AIME representatives will need assistance in completing a nomination packet for submission by February 15 to the administering engineering Founder Society, ASME.  

Plenary Speakers Confirmed for ICSMA 18

Five leaders in the field have been announced as speakers in the 18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18) plenary session, including:

Dierke Raabe, EU, Max-Planck Institute
Easo George, USA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
Ke Lu, China, Institute of Metal Research
Erica Lilleodden, EU, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Japan, Kyushu University 

ICSMA 18, scheduled for July 15–19, 2018, at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, builds on a 50-year tradition of providing an international venue for the latest advances in the strength of materials. The meeting will advance fundamental understanding of the processes that govern the strength of materials at different length and time scales, and it will forge links between basic studies and investigations of technologically important engineering materials. Visit the conference website for more details on technical topics and to submit your abstract before the November 30 deadline.

ICSMA 18 is organized by The Ohio State University and the organizing committee of the 18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials, with conference support services provided by TMS.
New from TMS Journals

Below is a selection of open-access articles published in several TMS journals that are available to the public at no charge. TMS members can access the full content of these journals by logging in to the Journals section of the TMS website.

New from JOM

Increasing the Voice of Scientists in Politics and Policy:  What It’s Happening, and Why It’s Important,” by Aaron Dunn

Reflections of a TMS International Scholar:  Sharing Research across Cultures and Continents,” by Kinga A. Unocic

Mesoscale Interplay in Lithium-Ion Batteries and Beyond,” by Partha P. Mukherjee et al.

Toward Low-Cost, High-Energy Density, and High-Power Density Lithium-Ion Batteries,” by Jianlin Li et al.

Crystallographic Orientation Effect on Electromigration in Ni-Sn Microbump,” by Yi-Ting Huang, et al.

New from Journal of Electronic Materials

The Numerical-Experimental Enhanced Analysis of HOT MCT Barrier Infrared Detectors,” by K. Jóźwikowski, et al.

New from Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

"C-Curves for Lengthening of Widmanstätten and Bainitic Ferrite," by Jiaqing Yin, et al.

"Morphology of Upper and Lower Bainite with 0.7 Mass Pct C," by Jiaqing Yin, Mats Hillert, and Annika Borgenstam

"Microstructural and Phase Composition Differences Across the Interfaces in Al/Ti/Al Explosively Welded Clads," by Dagmara Malgorzata Fronczek, et al.

"Microstructural Analyses of ATI 718Plus® Produced by Wire-ARC Additive Manufacturing Process," by G. Asala, A.K. Khan, and O.A. Ojo

"Peritectic Solidification Path of the La(Fe,Si)13 Phase in Dual-Phase Directionally Solidified La-Fe-Si Magnetocaloric Alloys," by Qiaodan Hu, Jianguo Li, et al.

"Phase Equilibria in the Fe-Mo-Ti Ternary System at 1173 K (900 °C) and 1023 K (750 °C)," by H.J. Stone, A.J. Knowles, and N.G. Jones

"Reinforcement Size Dependence of Load Bearing Capacity in Ultrafine-Grained Metal Matrix Composites," by Hanry Yang, et al.

New from Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation

Making the Case for a Model-Based Definition of Engineering Materials,” by David U. Furrer, et al.

New from Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy

"Solvometallurgy: An Emerging Branch of Extractive Metallurgy," Koen Binnemans and Peter Tom Jones

"Separation of Heavy Rare-Earth Elements from Light Rare-Earth Elements Via Solvent Extraction from a Neodymium Magnet Leachate and the Effects of Diluents," Marino Gergoric, et al.

"Electrochemical Extraction of Rare Earth Metals in Molten Fluorides: Conversion of Rare Earth Oxides into Rare Earth Fluorides Using Fluoride Additives," Aida Abbasalizadeh, et al.

"Characterization and Leaching of Neodymium Magnet Waste and Solvent Extraction of the Rare-Earth Elements Using TODGA," Marino Gergoric, et al.