Assistant Professor – Materials Science and Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Posted: October 25, 2018

Deadline: January 14, 2019
Type: Tenured, tenure-track
Employment type: full time

This position is part of a campus-wide cluster initiative to expand and broaden expertise in quantum science and engineering at UW-Madison. As part of the initiative there are new position vacancies in the Departments of Physics (PVL 96089), Electrical & Computer Engineering (96215), and this position in Materials Science & Engineering (96210). It is anticipated that successful candidates will develop strong collaborations with existing quantum research at UW-Madison, as well as with other hires under this cluster program, and with external research centers.

The position in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is at the tenure-track level. We seek a faculty candidate to build a research program on synthesis of quantum materials. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in topics that include, but are not necessarily limited to, creating individually addressable electronic-state-defects (e.g. N-V centers in diamond, SiC), novel topological insulator materials, semiconductor heterostructures exhibiting quantum effects, edge states in two-dimensional materials, and other emerging directions. The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate campus-wide with ongoing efforts in these and related areas in order to advance the materials basis for quantum science and technologies, including practical future quantum computing systems.

Tenure home will be determined at the time of hire based on the selected candidates qualifications and interests. Further information regarding this initiative can be found at:

Please see application instructions in the official position vacancy listing through:

Requirements: PhD or equivalent degree in Materials or a related field. 2 years research experience; an outstanding reputation in the field.