October 19, 2017

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What Happened at MS&T17?

More than 3,200 attendees gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this month for Materials Science & Technology 2017 (MS&T17). The event, which ran October 8–12, brought together participants from four societies: the American Ceramic Society (ACerS), ASM International, the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), and TMS.

A highlight of the meeting’s 15th installment was the all-conference plenary featuring award-winning speakers from each of the MS&T17 organizing societies. As the TMS/ASM Joint Distinguished Lecturer in Materials and Society, Alexander H. King delivered the presentation, “What Do We Need and How Will We Get It?” 

King is the director of the Critical Materials Institute, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Innovation Hub at Ames Laboratory. His presentation explored material supply problems that could result from the demands of a growing global middle class and offered broad recommendations for improving future material supplies. 

What do we need? King’s presentation asked. “All of the periodic table. And more of all of it.” To illustrate his point, King offered the example of the cell phone, pointing out that today’s smart phone uses 70 elements in its production (up from the 30 elements found in the first cell phone made more than 40 years ago). If any one of those elements becomes unavailable, cell phone production stops.

By comparison, King offered the observation that all of the complexities of life come from approximately 28 elements. 

“Life is very conservative in its use of elements,” said King, who offered the audience this recommendation: “With every generation of a technology, aim to use fewer elements, rather than more.”

2011 TMS Fellow Steven Zinkle of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, presented the ACerS Edward Orton Jr. Memorial Lecture at the plenary, where he discussed “What’s New in Nuclear Reactors?” His presentation looked at areas where advanced materials could improve performance in light water reactors, pointing out that many of the types of materials used in these reactors were selected in the 1960s. Unlike the car and airline industries, nuclear reactors have not kept up with improved materials technologies. Zinkle offered examples of advanced materials that could improve reactor performance and safety. 

In addition, the plenary also featured Bruno C. De Cooman, vice president of Research & Development, NLMP Group. He delivered the AIST Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture, “Mechanical Twinning in Formable Advanced Ultra-High Strength Steel.”

Complete coverage of MS&T17 will be published in an upcoming issue of JOM. In the meantime, view photos from the event on the TMS Flickr site

The four MS&T organizing societies, along with programming partner NACE International, are now working on plans for MS&T18, which will be held October 14–18, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. For 2018, the Metallurgy and Materials Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum will join the four existing partners as a sponsoring society for the event. 

Celebrate with TMS Journals 

1.5 million. 1,500,000. 1.5×10^6. However you want to write it, that is the number of article downloads that the Journal of Electronic Materials (JEM) has received in the past five years. Join us in celebrating JEM's 45th anniversary and check out other impressive statistics in this JEM infographic provided by the journal's publisher, Springer. 

In other celebratory news, Springer has made select journal issues and book chapters available free to the public in honor of National Nanotechnology Day on October 9. This selection includes the July 2017 issue of JOM, which focused on Nanostructured Surfaces for Improved Functional Properties. Browse this selection of free materials through November 30

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3DMS Opens for Abstract Submissions

The 4th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS 2018) is back—the fourth offering in a series of meetings that cover a range of topical areas in 3D materials science, representing the most critical, rapidly growing, innovative subject areas. Abstracts will be accepted until December 18, 2017, in the following technical topic areas:

•         Methods for materials simulation, modeling, and characterization in 3D
•         3D data processing and reconstruction algorithms
•         Process-microstructure-property relationships in 3D
•         Materials dynamics in 3D

3DMS 2018 is scheduled for June 10–13, 2018, at the Kulturværftet (Culture Yard) Conference Center in Helsingᴓr (Elsinore), Denmark. Visit the congress website to learn more about the conference location and to make your travel plans.

New from TMS Journals 

Below is a selection of open-access articles published in several TMS journals that are available to the public at no charge. TMS members can access the full content of these journals by logging in to the Journals section of the TMS website.

New from JOM

Swelling Behavior of High-Chromium, Vanadium-Bearing Titanomagnetite Pellets in H2-CO-CO2 Gas Mixtures” by F. Li, et al.
Review of the Methods of Production of Spherical Ti and Ti Alloy Powder” by Pei Sun, et al.
A Comparative Study of Electrolyte Flow and Slime Particle Transport in a Newly Designed Copper Electrolytic Cell and a Laboratory-Scale Conventional Electrolytic Cell” by Weizhi Zeng, et al.
The Third Pan American Materials Congress:  Integrating Materials Across the Americas” by Marc André Meyers and Sergio Neves Monteiro
Developments in Processing by Severe Plastic Deformation at the 3rd Pan American Materials Congress” by Roberto B. Figueiredo, et al.

New from Journal of Electronic Materials

Composites Based on Core–Shell Structured HBCuPc@CNTs-Fe3O4 and Polyarylene Ether Nitriles with Excellent Dielectric and Mechanical Properties” by Zejun Pu et al.
Understanding Ferromagnetic Phase Stability, Electronic and Transport Properties of BaPaO3 and BaNpO3 from Ab-Initio Calculations” by Shakeel Ahmad Khandy, Dinesh C. Gupta
Structural, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of [(CH3)2NH2]Fex Mn1−x(HCOO)3” by Hongyang Zhao, et al.
Microwave Resistivity of Thermally Oxidized High Resistivity Silicon Wafers” by Jaroslaw Judek, et al.
Effects of Graphene Monolayer Coating on the Optical Performance of Remote Phosphors” by M. Yazdan Mehr, et al.
Enhanced Luminescence of La3+-Doped Gadolinium Oxysulfide with Tunable Crystalline Size” by Yu-Jie Ding, et al.
Optimization of a HOT LWIR HgCdTe Photodiode for Fast Response and High Detectivity in Zero-Bias Operation Mode” by M. Kropytko, et al.

New from Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Characterization of Austenitic Stainless Steels Deformed at Elevated Temperature” by Mattias Calmunger, et al.
Evaluation of Solid-Solution Hardening in Several Binary Alloy Systems Using Diffusion Couples Combined with Nanoindentation” by Sourabh B. Kadamibi, et al.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermodynamic Prediction of Liquid Fraction vs Temperature for Two High-Performance Alloys for Semi-Solid Processing (Al-Si-Cu-Mg (319s) and Al-Cu-Ag (201))” by Duyao Zhang, et al.
Microstructure and Property Modifications of Cold Rolled IF Steel by Local Laser Annealing” by Håkan Hallberg et al.
Ultrafine-Grained Plates of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Obtained by Incremental Equal Channel Angular Pressing: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties” by Marta Lipinska, et al.
Phase-Field Modeling of Sigma-Phase Precipitation in 25Cr7Ni4Mo Duplex Stainless Steel” by Amer Malik, et al.
Thermally Stable Nanocrystalline Steel” Christopher Neil Hulme-Smith, et al.
The Investigation of Strain-Induced Martensite Reverse Transformation in AISI 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel” by G. Cios, et al.
Influence of Heat Treatment on the Surface Structure of 6082 Al Alloys” by N. Bayat and T. Carlberg

New from Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

The Influence of Sulfur on Dephosphorization Kinetics Between Bloated Metal Droplets and Slag Containing FeO” by Kezhuan Gu, et al.
Grain Refinement and Improvement of Solidification Defects in Direct-Chill Cast Billets of A4032 Alloy by Melt Conditioning” by Hu-Tian Li, et al.
The Dynamic Interfacial Oxygen Potential Between Iron-Carbon Droplets and Oxidizing Slag” by Kezhuan Gu et al.
A Heat and Mass Transfer Model of a Silicon Pilot Furnace” by Benjamin M. Sloman, et al.
Numerical and Physical Study on a Cylindrical Tundish Design to Produce a Swirling Flow in the SEN During Continuous Casting of Steel” by Peiyuan Ni, et al.
Reduction Kinetics of Wüstite Scale on Pure Iron and Steel Sheets in Ar and H2 Gas Mixture” by Weichen Mao and Willem G. Sloof