3/5/2020 - TMS Names 2020 Technical Division Awardees

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TMS Names 2020 Technical Division Awardees

March 5, 2020—Pittsburgh, PA (USA): The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) has announced the names of the individuals who were honored with division-level awards at the TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2020) held from February 24–27 in San Diego, California. These awards recognize outstanding contributions and excellence within each of the society’s five technical divisions.

For more information about the TMS Professional Honors and Awards Recognition Program and to view details regarding the complete list of 2020 TMS awards and their recipients, visit awards.tms.org. For more information about TMS2020, visit www.tms.org/TMS2020. Awardee photos are available upon request.

The 2020 award recipients are:

TMS Extraction & Processing Division (EPD):
Distinguished Lecture Award - Phillip Mackey, P.J. Mackey Technology Inc.

Distinguished Service Award – Michael Free, University of Utah 

Science Award
– Jungho Heo, Hanyang University

Technology Award
– Eugenia Araneda-Hernandez, Universidad de Concepcion; Eduardo R. Balladares-Varela, Universidad de Concepcion; Francisco Brown Bojorquez, Universidad de Sonora; Agustin Gomez-Alvarez, Universidad de Sonora; Roberto A. Parra-Figueroa, Universidad de Concepcion; Victor R. Parra-Sanchez, University de Concepcion; Manuel Perez-Tello, University de Sonora; Victor Manuel Sanchez-Corrales, Universidad de Sonora
Pyrometallurgy Best Paper Award - Toru H. Okabe, University of Tokyo; Yu-Ki Taninouchi, Kyoto University

Nagy El-Kaddah Award for Best Paper in MHD Material Processing
- Carelyn Campbell, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Eric Lass, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Lyle Levine, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Greta Lindwall, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Daniel Ng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Mark Stoudt, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Maureen Williams, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Fan Zhang; Physicist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

EPD/LMD Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy Best Paper Award - Chuan-ming Du, Tohoku University; Xu Gao, Tohoku University; Shin-ya Kitamura, Tohoku University; Shigeru Ueda, Tohoku University

TMS Functional Materials Division (FMD):
John Bardeen Award - James Coleman, University of Texas at Arlington

Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award - C Robert Kao, National Taiwan University

Distinguished Service Award - James R. Morris, Ames Laboratory

TMS Light Metals Division (LMD):
Distinguished Service Award - Donna Post Guillen, Idaho National Laboratory

Light Metals Award
- Patrice Côté, Rio Tinto Aluminum; Sébastien Guérard, Rio Tinto Aluminum

Technology Award
– Alan Luo, Ohio State University

TMS Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division (MPMD):
Distinguished Service Award – Yunzhi Wang, Ohio State University

Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award – Douglas Spearot, University of Florida

TMS Structural Materials Division (SMD):
Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award - Rajiv Mishra, University of North Texas

Distinguished Service Award - Ellen Cerreta, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Light Metals Subject Awards:

Light Metals Subject Award – Alumina/Bauxite - Mariana A. L. Braulio, 4Cast-Technical Assistance and Consultancy on Refractories; José R. Cunha, Alumar; Austin Maxwell, Alcoa; Victor C. Pandolfelli, Alcoa Laboratory, Federal University of Sao Carlos; Dean Whiteman, Alcoa

Light Metals Subject Award – Aluminum Alloys - Frederic De Geuser, Grenoble Institute of Technology; Alexis Deschamps, Grenoble Institute of Technology; Brad Diak; Queen’s University; Baptiste Gault, Max-Planck-Institut Fr Eisenforschung; Gilles Guiglionda, Constellium Technology Center(C-TEC); Michael Langille, Constellium Technology Center (C-TEC); Sami Meddeb, Grenoble Institute of Technology; Dierk Raabe, Max-Planck-Institut Fr Eisenforschung; Huan Zhao, Max-Planck-Institut Fr Eisenforschung

Light Metals Subject Award – Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production - Christophe Bouché, Fives Solios; David Brismalein, Aluminium Dunkerque; Xavier Genin, Fives Solios; Pierre Mahieu; Five Solios; Hervé Pédroli, Aluminium Dunkerque

Light Metals Subject Award – Warren Peterson Cast Shop for Aluminum Production - Nils Bauerschlag, Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products GmbH; Georg Rombach, Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products GmbH

LMD Magnesium Technology Awards:
Magnesium Technology Award – Application – Maximilian Bechly, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences; Benjamin Bittner, MeKo Laser Material Processing; Adam Griebel, Fort Wayne Metals; Matthias Jahn, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences; Petra Maier, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences; Roman Menze, MeKo Laser Material Processing; Jeremy Schaffer, Fort Wayne Metals

Magnesium Technology Award – Fundamental Research - Irene Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara; M. Arul Kumar, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Brandon Leu, University of Southern California, Santa Barbara; Paul Rottmann, University of Kentucky

Fundamental Research – Student Paper - Amine Benzerga, Texas A&M University; Jacques Besson, Ecole Des Mines; Joshua Herrington, Texas A&M University; Yazid Madi,EPF Ecole D’Ingenieur-e-s

Fundamental Research – Best Poster - Sarbajit Banerjee, Texas A&M University; Rachel Davidson, Texas A&M University; Zachary Brunson, Colorado School of Mines; Aaron Stebner, Colorado School of Mines

LMD/EPD Subject Award:

Recycling - Blake Fullenwider, US Army Research Laboratory; Parnian Kiani, University of California Irvine; Kaka Ma, Colorado State University; Julie M. Schoenung, University of California Irvine

EPD Materials Characterization Awards:
Materials Characterization Best Paper Award - First Place - Shadia Jamil Ikhmayies, Al Isra University; Hassan K. Juwharai, University of Jordan; Bashar Ibrahim Mahmouh Lahlouh, University of Jordan; Tao Jiang, Central South University; Guanghui Li, Central South University; Jianhui Peng, Central South University; Zhiwei Peng, Central South University; Liancheng Wang, Central South University; Leixia Zheng, Central South University; Zhongping Zhu, Central South University

Materials Characterization Best Paper Award - Third Place - Lin Cheng, University of Pittsburgh; Yan Luo, University of Science and Technology Beijing; Qiang Ren, University of Science and Technology Beijing; Piotr Roman Scheller, TU Begakademi Freiberg; Lifeng Zhang, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Materials Characterization Best Poster Award – First Place - Ken Kurosaki, Osaka University; Hiroaki Muta, Osaka University; Yuji Ohishi, Osaka University; Yifan Sun, Osaka University

Materials Characterization Best Poster Award – Second Place - Ruben Mendoza-Cruz, University of Texas at San Antonio; Prakash Parajuli, University of Texas at San Antonio; Arturo Ponce, University of Texas at San Antonio; Miguel Yacaman, University of Texas at San Antonio

Materials Characterization Best Poster Award – Third Place - James Keiser, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Erik Kuhn, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Jeffrey Lacey, Idaho National Laboratory; Kyungjun Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jun Qu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Sougata Roy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Vicki Thompson, Idaho National Laboratory ; Ed Wolfrum, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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