July 21, 2020

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TMS Presents the 2021 Board of Directors Nominees

The individuals highlighted here have been nominated to fill vacant positions on the TMS Board of Directors. The candidates, if elected by the TMS membership, will be installed at the conclusion of the TMS 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, scheduled for March 14–18 in Orlando, Florida.

The nominees for the open positions on the 2021–2024 TMS Board of Directors are:

Vice President/President/Past President:
W. Jud Ready (pictured, left), Georgia Institute of Technology

Programming Director:
Timothy Rupert (pictured, right), University of California, Irvine

Full biographies for each of these nominees can be found in the article “TMS Presents the 2021 Board of Directors Nominees” in the July issue of JOM.

Additional nominations for these positions may be submitted for board consideration by any 25 TMS members by August 15, 2020. Nominations for qualified individuals should be sent to James J. Robinson, TMS Executive Director, and should include the nominee’s name, biography, and written consent to serve if elected. If additional candidates are proposed, a majority vote of TMS members will determine who fills the position. If no new nominations are received, the individuals named here will automatically be elected on August 16, 2020.

Impact Factors Released for All TMS Journals

The 2019 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2020) were released in late June and included Impact Factors for all six TMS journals. This year’s release marks the first Impact Factors for Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation and Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, both of which achieved strong debut numbers. The following list shows the 2019 Impact Factors for each TMS journal, with a comparison to 2018 in parentheses for applicable journals:
  • Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation: 3.447 (n/a)
  • JOM: 2.029 (2.305)
  • Journal of Electronic Materials: 1.774 (1.676)
  • Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy: 2.109 (n/a)
  • Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: 2.05 (1.985)
  • Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B: 2.035 (1.952)
Impact Factor is the average number of citations counted in a given Impact Factor year for articles published in the two preceding years. It is based on the number of citations of a journal's content divided by the number of citable articles published by that journal.

Impact Factor is just one of many factors to consider when evaluating journal performance. The Impact Factor is a measure of the impact of a journal, and not of the quality of the published research. In terms of other noteworthy 2019 metrics, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A had the most total citations (30,270) and total downloads (934,975) among TMS journals.

To access TMS's entire library of journals, visit the Journals section of the TMS website. (TMS members should log in to the TMS website before clicking on the individual journal links to ensure full access to content.) The journal home pages at Springer, accessible through the Journals page of the TMS website, feature a range of 2019 key metrics including Impact Factors.

JOM Announces 2021 Editorial Calendar

The TMS member journal, JOM, has published its 2021 editorial calendar, which outlines the 40 technical topics to be covered in the journal and the submission deadlines for each issue. A key strength of the journal is its emphasis on special topics driven by volunteers. These collections of thematically connected papers are developed primarily by members of TMS technical committees or their delegates, making journal content as diverse as the TMS committees themselves.

"At the end of the volume year, readers will have been exposed to an extensive array of recent work in the minerals, metals, and materials communities, along with several new developments in areas closely related to their specialization," write Maureen Byko, JOM editor, and Justin Scott, JOM Principal Editor, in the July JOM article, “New Editorial Calendar Builds on JOM Strengths.” Read the full article for further insight on upcoming editorial plans and publication information.

You can view the full calendar and learn how to submit your work to the journal through the JOM website. Also, new this year, the Editorial Calendar features access to a searchable JOM past topics archive that enables quick access to the full landscape of recently published topics. Access these topics by clicking the Past Topics Archive link on the Editorial Calendar web page.

Read July Open-Access Journal Content

Each month, a limited number of Editor’s Choice articles from TMS journals are selected and made available to the public at no charge. In addition, each month TMS's publishing partner Springer selects one TMS Journal of the Month, and selected content is made available to read at no charge.

Click to read the following selections for free:

July Journal of the Month: 
Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation

Editor's Choice Article from July JOM
"Isothermal Continuous Equal Channel Angular Pressing of Magnesium Alloy AZ31," Casey F. Davis, Adam J. Griebel, and Terry C. Lowe  

Editor's Choice Article from July Journal of Electronic Materials
"Electroluminescence Properties of a Zinc Oxide Nanorod Array Heterojunction Light-Emitting Diode," Hua Jiang, et al. 

Editor's Choice Article from July Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
"Superelastic Behavior of Biomedical Metallic Alloys," M.F. Ijaz, et al.

TMS members can access the full content of all of these journals by logging in to the “Journals” section of the TMS website.