International Nickel-Cobalt 2013 Symposium
March 3-7, 2013 (TMS Annual Meeting) • San Antonio, Texas • USA

The 2013 TMS International Nickel-Cobalt Symposium will provide a forum for presenting and discussing advancements in all aspects of nickel and cobalt processing including: fundamentals, technology, operating practices, and related areas of Platinum-Group Metals (PGM) processing. This symposium follows the successful Ni-Co symposium held as part of COM2009. It will focus on the treatment of sulphide and laterite ores, concentrates and secondary materials for the production of nickel and cobalt.

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Abstracts are requested by July 15, 2012 on the following topics:
  • Mining
  • Mineral Processing
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Electrometallurgy
  • Physical Metallurgy – Including Waste Treatment and Recycling
Areas of interest within these topics are: operational updates; project and process development; R&D initiatives; emerging technologies; PGM co-production; sustainability; environmental stewardship; health and safety; downstream applications.

Authors should represent these areas:
  • Mining companies
  • Metals producers
  • End-users
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Engineering consultants
  • Academia
  • (Lead) Thomas P. Battle, Midrex Technologies
  • Mike Moats, University of Utah
  • Shijie Wang, Kennecott
  • Antoine Allanore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Corby Anderson, Colorado School of Mines
  • Ron Schonewille, Xstrata Nickel
  • Shafiq Alam, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Violina Cocalia, Cytec
  • Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University
  • TMS Extraction & Processing Division
  • TMS High Temperature Alloys Committee
  • GDMB Society for Mining, Metallurgy, Resource and Environmental Technology
  • The Metallurgical Society of the CIM
  • The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ)
  • Mining Engineering International
  • Society of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
  • Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
  • High Temperature Materials Committee of the Chinese Society for Metals


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