Jean Mavrelis
Kochman Mavrelis Associates

Training Sessions
Mavrelis is founder and chief executive officer of Kochman Mavrelis Associates and co-author (with Thomas Kochman) of Corporate Tribalism: White Men, White Women and Cultural Diversity at Work (2009). She has served on the Illinois Sex Equity Task Force and is nationally recognized as an expert in the field of cultural information: diversity research and management with special expertise in the area of gender and culture. She also developed Managing Social and Cultural Diversity in the Schools, which she has delivered to more than half a dozen school systems.

Mavrelis currently acts as a consultant internationally (Pacific Rim) and with clients doing business in Mexico, and serves on the board of Mujeres Latinas en Acción, an organization whose mission is to empower Latina women. She also writes about today’s pressing multicultural issues on her blog at