Michele Manuel
Associate Professor, University of Florida 

Mid-Career Panelist
Michele Manuel is an associate professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. She received her Ph.D. in materials acience and engineering at Northwestern University and her B.S., also in materials science and engineering, at the University of Florida. Her research lies in the basic understanding of the relationship between processing, structure, properties and performance. She uses a systems-based materials design approach that couples experimental research with theory and mechanistic modeling for the accelerated development of materials. Her current research is focused on the use of systems-level design methods to advance the development of new materials through microstructure optimization. Of specific interest are biodegradable, formable, and high temperature magnesium alloys, self-healing metals, shape memory alloys, nuclear materials, materials design, and computational thermodynamics and kinetics. She is a recipient of numerous awards, including the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, NASA Early Career Award, ASM Bradley Stoughton Award for Young Teachers, American Vacuum Society Recognition for Excellence in Leadership, TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow Award, TMS Young Leaders International Scholar – JIM, and TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Award.