Wennie Wang
Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara
Wennie Wang is a doctoral candidate with the Van de Walle Computational Group in the Materials Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). She received her B.S. in materials science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013. Current research interests include first-principles calculations of electronic, optical, and transport properties of complex oxides. She is particularly interested in the characterization and understanding of defects and doping in semiconductors using density functional theory. Recent and past recognition include receiving the UCSB Institute of Energy Efficiency Holbrook Fellowship and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Wang currently serves as the outreach coordinator for the UCSB Graduate Students for Diversity in Science, an on-campus organization of interdisciplinary young scientists engaged in promoting diversity and inclusion in the sciences. She was also a student participant at DMMM1 and co-organizer of the student-led symposium Transforming the Diversity Landscape at the TMS 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibition.