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TMS 2009: Proceedings
February 15-19, 2009 • San Francisco, California


Collected Proceedings CD-ROM

A CD-ROM of all available proceedings is being produced and will be provided for free to registered attendees except for people registering as retired senior members, student members, student nonmembers, or exhibit only attendees.

How to Purchase
The CD-ROM is available for purchase in advance on the registration form or at the conference for $150 with a special student rate of $75. All CD-ROMS must be picked up at the conference; shipping is not available.


The symposia-based print proceedings below are available and may be purchased in the TMS Knowledge Resource Center.

  • Aluminum Alloys: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications
  • Energy Technology Perspectives: Conservation, CO2 Reduction, and Production from Alternative Sources [LEARN MORE]
    A sample paper from the volume is available for free in the TMS Knowledge Resource Center.
    The following sypmosia are included:
    • CO2 Reduction Metallurgy 2009
    • Energy Conservation in Metals Extraction and Materials Processing II
  • EPD Congress 2009 [LEARN MORE]
    The following symposia are included:
    • Materials Processing Fundamentals
    • General Abstracts: Extraction & Processing Division
    • Recycling of Electronic Wastes
    • Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials
    • Recycling-General Session
  • Friction Stir Welding V  [LEARN MORE]
  • Light Metals 2009 [LEARN MORE]  
    • Volume 1: Alumina and Bauxite
    • Volume 2: Aluminum Reduction Technology
    • Volume 3: Cast Shop for Aluminum Production
    • Volume 4: Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production
    • Volume 5: Aluminum Hot Rolling / Aluminum Cold Rolling and Strip Processing
  • Magnesium Technology 2009 [LEARN MORE]
  • Peirce-Smith Converting Centennial Symposium [LEARN MORE]
  • Shape Casting III: Third International Symposium [LEARN MORE]
  • Supplemental Proceedings Volume 1: Materials Processing and Properties [LEARN MORE]  The following symposia are included:
    • Materials for High Temperature Applications: Next Generation Superalloys and Beyond
    • Materials Issues in Additive Powder-Based Manufacturing Processes
    • Near-Net Shape Titanium Components
    • Frontiers in Solidification Science III
    • Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Materials
    • Surface Structures at Multiple Length Scales
  • Supplemental Proceedings Volume 2: Materials Characterization, Computation and Modeling [LEARN MORE]
    The following symposia are included:
    • Global Innovations in Photovoltaics and Thermoelectrics
    • Solar Cell Silicon: Production and Recycling
    • Manufacturing Issues in Fuel Cells
    • Applicable Computing Technologies in Heat Treating
    • Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics
    • Synergies of Computational and Experimental Materials Science
    • Progress in Computational Materials Science and Engineering Education
  • Supplemental Proceedings Volume 3: General Paper Selections [LEARN MORE]  The following symposia are included:
    • General Abstracts: Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials Division
    • General Abstracts: Light Metals Division
    • General Abstracts: Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division
    • General Abstracts: Structural Materials Division
    • General Poster Session


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