Title10th Annual Lead Free Solder and Interconnect Technology Workshop
WhenSunday, February 16, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
LocationSunday, Marriott Marquis and Marina - Palomar
Sponsored ByTMS Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials Division
Advance Member: $15.00
Advance Nonmember: $125.00
Advance Student: $15.00
Late/onsite Member: $25.00
Late/onsite Nonmember: $175.00
Late-/onsite Student: $125.00

10th Annual Lead Free Solder and Interconnect Technology Workshop

Through presentations and extensive discussion regarding key topics, this workshop will provide a bridge between companies, academic research groups, national laboratories, and consortia and will lead to the materials science fundamentals necessary for further understanding and future industry applications. The workshop will be focused on 3D packaging technology and other important issues. The applications of Pb-free solder in green technology will be addressed.

Workshop Topics:
  • 3D packaging technology and TSV from an industry and academic point of view
  • Pb-free applications in green technology
  • Reliability in consumer electronics
  • Solder and interconnects in extreme environment
  • Future directions in new solder alloy compositions
  • Mechanics of deformation in Pb-free solder joints
  • Pb-free board assembly related issues and solutions